Accessories amplify our personalityACCESSORIES AMPLIFY OUR PERSONALITY

Anything we choose to put on our bodies is a form of self-expression and so whatever we choose to wear, we are using our clothes to develop our own style, our personal brand.  In the same way, our accessories amplify our personality.

A carefully chosen accessory adds a different dimension to an outfit creating visual impact.  It’s also a way to enhance a certain part of our body – a belt to show off a waist or  a necklace to flatters our neck and decolletage.

When Zoom is making us all ‘above the waist visible’, our accessories are particularly important right now.

Many things influence the clothes we wear.  It is personal choice and a wonderful form of self-expression don’t you think?



Our accessories are a great way to amplify our personality whether for our working or social wardrobes.

What makes us choose our accessories and jewellery, patterns or frills over clean lines or clothing made of natural fabrics?  The answer is that many things contribute to our choices such as our childhoods, the influence of a family member, celebrity and what we may see virtually.   Accessories enhance our personal style.  They elevate an outfit and complete the look.

Think of our accessories as our ‘best friend’.  They make us smile, elevate our best bits  and serve to emphasise our personal style and preferences.

The key to successful accessorising is understanding what works for us.  A few good accessories add versatility to our wardrobe so by changing our accessories we extend the life of our clothes giving them a new lease of life if paired differently.

A good start is if we take some time to consider the shapes we prefer, the materials that resonate with us – gold or silver, wood or glass, felt or pearl and if you prefer sparkly or matte and the overall style.  We soon develop a familiar style that feels comfortable for us.

Here are my Top 3 Accessories for ‘above the waist’ dressing….

A colourful scarf can take your outfit up a notch


A colourful scarf is a great way to take an outfit up a notch whatever the time of year.  It would be a shame to wear them only when the weather is cooler.  Use a finer scarf to protect your shoulders  from the sun or use as a belt on a favourite pair of trousers.  You could also wrap a scarf around the handles of your handbag.  As you can see here, a scarf is a great way to inject colour.  Heaven knows we could all do with a little more colour in our lives now that Spring is emerging.

Accessorise - Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings

Photo credit; Accessorize – Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings


Particularly important now that Zoom or Team meetings are the order of the day.  Great to add interest to plainer clothes and are instantly visible adding an instant ‘zing’ which can really complement your face shape and enhance your cheekbones if chosen wisely.  Think about your face shape…

Oval Face – can wear most shapes

Round Face – choose earring styles that elongate your face such as drop earrings

Angular – choose diamond, rectangular or sqaure shapes to flatter your face shape

Accessories amplify our personality

Consider adding colour for a bit of fun


Are a great way to make a statement and to enhance your neck and décolletage area.  Long necks look great with chokers whilst shorter necks are flattered by longer layered necklaces.

Rather than gold or silver, consider introducing colour in a necklace.  It adds a bit of fun.




The smallest change to our appearance can have a huge impact so its not about busting your budget.  Spicing up your outfit with a carefully chosen accessory is a great alternative to forking out on an entire new outfit …a new scarf, handbag or shoes….or how about these…your sunglasses, umbrellas, watches, keyrings, laptop bag, purses, spectacle case and even the spectacles.

Our accessories allows us to repeat the same outfit but give it an entirely different feel!  Our accessories can differentiate us and set us apart.

As we emerge from this Pandemic and start to swap our leisurewear for smarter choices, get into the habit of adding an accessory every day.   As one client said to me recently…”following your advice, I now wear jewellery every day and feel fabulous, thank you”.  Our accessories amplify our personality.

Even the smallest of changes can lead to a whole host of positive outcomes.

If you’d like to continue this conversation or would like to learn more about my services, I’d love to hear from you.

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