Let’s hear it for Body Positivity

Where our bodies are concerned, many of us have experienced low self-esteem and poor body positivity at some point in our lives.  The million reasons for this are all very individual and can originate from a variety of circumstances that all serve to impact upon our confidence.  Perhaps we recall something negative that someone said to us years ago or we compare ourselves to others and when we are constantly bombarded with images via the media, it can be difficult to avoid.

As women, we are always happy to chat about the bits of our bodies we wish to change but rarely about our positive attributes!  Why is that I wonder?

Whilst we can’t change the way we feel about our bodies overnight we can learn to look a little more kindly upon ourselves and over time learn to focus on your body positives.  Let me share some thoughts that may alter your thinking.

The key here is to learn to accept, be grateful and love what we do have.  There are no rules, just a little bit of positive self-awareness.  To enjoy some self-love we must first have a positive appreciation of ourselves.  Do not think of it as an indulgence but as personal maintenance.  We service our cars, right?  Like charity, love begins at home.  Learn to love yourself and to feel comfortable with the body that you have.

Think about your body as a valuable friend

Body PositivityThink about the things that your amazing body allows you to do – your work, your travel, a walk in the countryside and perhaps the children you have birthed.

Focus on all the areas that you love and enjoy some positive self-talk (yes when no-one is listening if you prefer) and remember how kindly you speak to your friends.  Seeing these areas in a different light may just outweigh any negative feelings you may have.  It could be your finer ankles, your wrists or your eyes.  Learn how to enhance these areas through your clothes, your jewellery or your make-up.  If you are struggling with this, ask for help.

Take the emotion out of clothing sizing

Manufacturers produce clothing for the masses – to a standard size and proportion.  There is no such thing….we are all different shapes, sizes and proportions.   Why don’t we then take the emotion out of our clothing size.  Believe that the right size for you is the one that fits!  Forget the number and cut out the label if this helps.  The effects of wearing clothes that flatter will change your perceptions and the effects are far-reaching.

Keep a Compliment Journal

Body PositivityI love it that many women can be so generous with compliments …why not write down in a journal each compliment you receive, each accomplishment (no matter how small) or something you have done to help others.   Review your journal on a weekly or monthly basis (or when you feel like it) and see how much better you feel about yourself.


Taking time out in the great outdoors is a great leveller.  I find that a great motivator for the day ahead is an energising walk.  If you are able, head into to Countryside and soak it up.  Or if you are averse to any kind of exercise, there are some very clever dressing techniques that can help elongate, shorten or slim a body to enhance or disguise any number of body attributes.

Focus on your Body Positives

So it’s time ladies to focus on your ‘body positives’…it may be your eyes, your wrists, your amazing neck, your shapely butt or your slim ankles.  If you zoom in more regularly on the bits of your body you do LOVE, you will find that over time your will look a little more kindly at yourself.

If you have any questions about Body Positivity or how best to dress your body do call me on 07494 644788 to have a no obligation chat or to book an appointment in my comfortable home studio in York.

I’d love to hear from you.