March 30, 2022


I wonder how our experience over these past two years has affected how we feel about the way we dress.  Has lockdown affected our dressing confidence?   Without a doubt.

We adapted to a half-life and adopted a more casual wardrobe to feel safe and comfortable.  Perhaps we have lost our identity and forgotten how to dress and show up?

I am convinced that being locked away on a diet of leisurewear and above the waist dressing has impacted upon our confidence.  We overlooked the very comfort we can enjoy by dressing for self-expression, the joy of dressing up and the way that makes us feel.

Has lockdown affected our dressing confidence?

Being intentional when you dress

With that in mind, I wonder how intentional you were when you were planning your wardrobe this morning?  How much thought you gave to the clothes in your wardrobe?  How did you select those clothes?

The clothes we wear are an expression of our unique and individual identities.  Our clothes have the power to elevate us, support us, differentiate us, enhance our personal brand and fill us with joy. The good news?  We can choose how we want to look and how we want to show up.

Believe it or believe it not, our wardrobes and the clothes within hold the secrets to looking good, feeling great and showing up in the most positive way we can.  Be more deliberate in your choices and ask yourself how you wish to present yourself to the world that day.  Connecting ourselves to those feelings through our clothes really can help raise our confidence.

To me dressing in leisurewear promotes a more relaxed feeling, that akin to a day off, snuggling on the sofa to read a good book or watch a film.  We associate certain clothes with differing scenarios.  Similarly a suit transports us to formal work environment perhaps or a wedding.

How can clothes elevate how we feel?

Remember how the garment made you feel

So how can dressing differently or swapping those casual clothes for smarter attire, elevate the way we feel?  Elevate our confidence.  Let’s just think about that.

Remember the outfit that each time you wear it, you feel fabulous…on top of the world, on top of your game.  It could be a dress, killer heels or a blouse with bold pattern….our clothing is powerful.

Remember how that garment made you feel? When you wore the dress, the killer heels?  Empowered, happy, fired up, powerful or capable?

These are all real feelings that we can enjoy and experience from our clothing.

There's always the outfit that generated a compliment

Maybe as an extension of this you received a compliment.  What about the flattering comments you received when you wore that dress or your killer heels?

There is incredible elation from this kind of reaction.

We feel fabulous and seek opportunities to replicate that surely?   So our clothing engenders positive associations – the date night blouse when we met our partner, the interview suit that landed our dream job, the beautifully cut trousers we treated ourselves to when we went self-employed.

Did our leisurewear ever provide us with this kind of reaction?  Fired up and ready to take on the world?  I’m imagining not.

Do you need an extra level of Confidence?

Lingerie can provide an extra level of confidence

Consider our day to day activities and how we are often required to influence, educate, challenge, encourage or to inspire?  Do you agree that sometimes you will find these tasks more challenging when you need to be the expert?

Through my own experiences, I have learned that confidence in our clothing eases those occasions when we need to flex our muscles.  For me, my choice of lingerie always helped to empower me and provide an extra level of confidence.



When you dress this morning, ask yourself how you would like to feel in your clothes, how you would like to present yourself and connect your clothes to those feelings.  I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you need help to unlock your own dressing confidence code, do get in touch.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

07494 644788

Feature image credit Lindsley Weddings

February 28, 2022


Perhaps you may think that investing in a Personal Stylist seems a little frivolous?  The way we feel about ourselves has a lot to do with the clothes we choose to wear.  Changing the  way you 'show up' can have a huge impact on our confidence and self-esteem.

Surely we all have items in our wardrobe that have been bought in a hurry, bought in a sale or bought because they looked great on a friend.

Let me explain why buying clothes or current trends may not be working for you.


January 31, 2022


Back to the office for work?  Dressing made simple

Over the last couple of years, our working environments were switched to our kitchen tables, home offices or our spare rooms as we settled into working from home. The lines of home and work were blurred and inevitably a more relaxed and casual dressing style followed.

However as many of us prepare to go back to the office for work, it’s going to mean a shift in our dressing style!  Our morning dressing routines are going to look a lot different.  For some this may be causing a little dressing anxiety as we transition from loungewear to more office-appropriate pieces.

Are you excited at the prospect of dressing up again in your smarter clothing or are you feeling a little reluctant to part company with your leisurewear?

You may need to invest a little time to reap the rewards, but trust me, it will be worth it.

But first…create your own Style Mantra

The fact is that clothes are incredibly empowering so the key to successful dressing is that we feel good in our clothes and particularly at work.  Having style confidence provides us with the power to feel comfortable, to feel authentic. Confidence in our presentation can open doors and new opportunities. Firstly we need to identify clothes that help us feel confident.

Implementing a style mantra really helps when choosing clothing from our wardrobes or when selecting new clothing.  By choosing three words that describe the feeling we want to have in our clothes allows us to apply these words to each garment we choose.  For example, feminine, edgy or professional.  We can then assess if our mantra aligns with the clothes hanging in our wardrobe.  Of course I am able to help you develop this during a Personal Styling session.

Let me inspire you to dress with confidence for your return back to the office for work.  Read on for some top tips.

Assess your wardrobe

Take some time to try everything on that you have in your wardrobe.  Does it still fit?  Does if flatter?  It matters!

Ask yourself how it makes you feel.  Our wardrobes should be a place of joy and should inspire us as we leave our homes each morning.  Wouldn’t we rather make clothing choices that have a positive impact?  I assure you that the way our clothes make us feel, influences our day ahead.

New Pairings

This editing process will shed some light on these those items that don’t look or feel good but may also highlight some new pairings and create some entirely ‘new’ looks.  Shopping our wardrobes (particularly in January) is also worthwhile and reminds us of the hidden treasures at the back of our wardrobes…and maybe with the tags still intact!

Lay your clothes out the night before

Lay your clothes out the night before

This is a great strategy and saves valuable time in the morning.  This helps us identify the stain from a garment’s last wearing or the missing button that needs replacing.  We  have time to take action when we spot it early!  Dare I say, that it’s even better of you can plan for the entire week.

Knowing what may need laundering, which shoes may need a polish, will all save dressing anguish in front of our wardrobe in the morning.  Trust me it’s a game-changer.

Work out our wardrobe neutrals

What about  wardrobe Neutrals?

We all need a neutral base in our wardrobe that make creating oufits a little simpler.  I’m talking about navy, grey, brown, beige, camel tones, white, cream and black.  In choosing our base colours carefully we will find that introducing complimentary colours to your basic outfits is simplified.

Work out our wardrobe staples

Image Credit Pexels

Image credit Pexels

Our choices will differ wildly dependent upon our own personality but also our industry or place of work.   Therefore spending money wisely on our outerwear is a good investment.  For example, a good quality leather item will look better for longer when cared for so your footwear, handbags and laptop bags are important.

Consider a great fitting blazer, a couple of blouses, a white shirt, tailored trousers and a smart pair a well-fitting jeans will all serve us well.

What if we have gained weight?

I hear this often particularly since the uncertainty of these last couple of years… we have been opting for the comfort of an elasticated waistband and lost sight of how our more tailored pieces might fit.

What can we do?

A blouse that gapes at the bust and no longer fastens can be used as a loose ‘shacket’ style layer with a smarter tee under

A shirt dress that no longer fastens can be worn open with a pair of trousers and fine knit under

The trend for more fluid trouser styles will be with us for some time so perhaps seek out a pair in a colour that can be worn with your existing wardrobe.

If you are pondering your own office return  and you are back to the office for work, take a peek at my suggestions here.

How would you feel if  your  'back to the office' dressing choices were a little simpler?  I would love to work with you personally, do get in touch if I can help.

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

August 31, 2021


Hands up who feels out of step with your style?  If you answered yes, be assured you are not alone.

There is no doubt that after the many recent months, our dressing approach has fundamentally changed.  A new outlook on fashion and style has inevitably emerged and we are dressing differently.

Looking at the new collections for A/W 2021, it seems that our love for comfort and simplicity of loungewear and looser silhouettes are the order of the day.  I wonder if this represents a permanent shift from formal wear?

But what if this continuing trend does not work for you?  What if you really want to push your styling boundaries and break the mould of dressing monotony.

I consider myself incredibly privileged as I get to work with many amazing women who put their trust in me.  They trust me to direct them towards a dressing style that feels comfortable, that feels perfectly ‘at home’ for them and totally authentic.

It’s a job that I genuinely love!  I love coaching my clients to dress with confidence.  I love to help women feel good about themselves…

What works for one, does not for another.  With a different set of values and characteristics, we are each unique.  Being able to express ourselves through our clothing is incredibly empowering.

Is this shift to a more casual vibe affecting how we show up and how we dress?  Maybe it is affecting how YOU prefer to dress and like many you have opted for the casual alternatives?  Following trends above clothing that fits and flatters us can lead us to feeling out of step with our style.

The good news?  The way we dress is something we can control.

Out of touch with your style?

Ask yourself how you wish to feel in your clothes

Triggers for image transformation

Whilst dressing to our own beat is very liberating, it can also be a difficult journey.  There is often a trigger.  Something that stops you dead in your tracks.

A worldwide pandemic is the first that springs to mind but perhaps also weight gain, a new job, a new partner, illness or how about a family Wedding where your ex-husband will also be attending with his younger wife!

The incentive to look and feel amazing is heightened.  We all want to look and feel good, to feel relevant and visible.

I've worked with many clients facing these knock-backs and poor self-image.  Understanding our style and how our clothes make us feel has never been more important to increasing both self-esteem and mental well-being.

Ask yourself how you wish to feel

Out of step with your style?

One of the areas I cover during my sessions is how you wish to feel in your clothes.  This will differ for each of us but does begin to shine a light upon clothes that help us feel good.

In order to find clothing that is in tune with you, I recommend you create a style mantra – just a simple three word statement that expresses how you wish to feel.  For example, a recent client chose to feel ‘Professional’, ‘Edgy’ and ‘Stylish’.  These positive affirmations will help you to visualise a style.

For some it could femininity, for some it’s an easy going relaxed style or for others, we wish our clothes to intrigue and excite.

This process is enlightening and acts as the catalyst to make other positive changes in your life.

Identify clothes that resonate with you

Out of step with your style?

Identify clothes that resonate with you

Many of us will have taken the time to review our wardrobes over the past months realising that there are items lurking at the back, unworn.  Take some time and sort your clothing into clothes that make you smile and those that don’t.  You will find this alone, cathartic.

Through this process you will see a pattern emerging.  Are you facing a colourful wardrobe, clothing with stripes or other patterns, lace or fabric with feel appeal or the sleek lines of structured clothing.  Make a note of what feels good for you as will be drawn to those garments time and again.


As an advocate that our clothes have the power to transform, the way we dress and how we feel are inextricably linked.

After months of comfortable leisurewear you may feel you are out of step with your style.  I can if you wish, lead you through an empowering process of transformation which may help you reconnect with a way of dressing that resonates with you.

If you feel out of step with your style and would like to work with me and explore how you can regain confidence in your clothes, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

  • Main image credit Pexels

September 27, 2020


Have you ever thought that when you want to create a great and lasting impression, the small touches will set you apart?

Making some small changes to your wardrobe can play an important part in your success.  Wearing clothes that boost your confidence is a good place to begin.  Remember also that our clothes should enhance our reputation and credibility and as such, are an investment in our future success.

I’ve met many women who have felt stuck and find it difficult to navigate their way through a change in their dressing style.

However it needn’t be a daunting task if you tweak just ONE thing.  A different trouser style, a fitted top rather than the baggy one you reach for each day or trying an alternative to black.

How about introducing a flattering colour, changing up your jewellery or adding a scarf.  It need not cost the earth to get you started.

The key is to understand what makes you feel comfortable and developing your Signature Style may provide something that people will remember about you.

Changing up your jewellery or adding a scarf will add impact

Take a peek in your wardrobe...

And identify those items that you love to wear and feel great in.  Can you pair them differently and inject some colour using a scarf or jewellery?

Now that technology has made us more visible, colour will add impact to our appearance so don’t be afraid to experiment and add personality to your working outfits.

A stylish twist using your accessories will certainly give you the edge.  A striking necklace or bolder lip colour is a good start.

The small touches will set you apart

Develop some key staples that mix and match together


The key to making some small changes to your appearance is to plan.  Developing some key staples that mix and match together will provide you with a polished and comfortable look.

Gradually building a wardrobe of flexible pieces allows us to maximise what we already have and ultimately saves money.

Laying your clothes out the evening before...

The small touches will set you apart

Laying out your clothes the evening before saves you valuable time in the morning

Saves valuable time on a busy morning when your dressing routine is shared with husbands, partners, children or animals who may all take priority.  Preparing for the next day allows you time to be a little more creative with you choices.  Try it and let me know.




When did you last change your hairstyle?

We can get comfortable with our appearance and become afraid to change in-case we stand out, draw attention to ourselves or in the event we don’t like it.

Long hair at any age can look great but clinging to a style from long ago can make anyone look and feel stuck in the past.  If you are in any doubt, take a look at this amazing transformation.


Never underestimate the impact of any small change you make to your appearance.   For example, a simple swipe of lipstick or as we have seen above, a change of hairstyle could be the catalyst to really positive and fundamental change.

So if you want to be remembered for the new job, the promotion, the new addition to the Board, the new partner, the small touches will set you apart.

If you would like to open some new doors and take some small steps to creating a lasting impression toward new opportunities, then do get in touch anytime for a  courtesy consultation, I would love to help you.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

July 22, 2019


Dress for the job you wantYou’ve heard the adage – ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’?  You see, I have been there!  For too long I experienced the negative aspects of facing a wardrobe of business clothes that did not inspire and for a while, did not support my career.  I hear it regularly from my clients too and as a result am a true advocate that the clothes we wear also influence the way we feel about ourselves.  It begins however when we embrace our body positives and learn how to enhance them

Each of the days I spend with my clients is a privilege!  Helping women identify clothes that flatter, providing a heightened level of confidence is something I am passionate about and is so relevant in either a social or business environment.

For those of you who need to inspire, encourage, influence, educate or challenge (that's all of us, right?) it is so much easier to achieve from a position of confidence.

Let us consider that whatever the occasion for which we are dressing, the clothes we choose to wear speak volumes – they help to educate people about what we stand for and judgments are made in the blink of an eye.

Our image is an investment in our personal brand.  Regardless if we are a business owner or member of a larger organisation, a positive image and our personal presentation becomes a vitally important communication tool, elevating our professional status opening doors and opportunities for us.

The impact of getting our image right in the first few seconds is that we appear more authentic, more comfortable and there is little doubt that this can provide the edge in a competitive environment.

Do how does one dress for the job we want and develop a coherent image that supports our goals - and in which we feel comfortable?

So many elements contribute to a positive image, it’s not simply the way we dress but our facial expressions, posture, attitude and actions.  Let me share some of my guiding principles that may help to dress for the job you want, project a more congruent and authentic image AND achieve your full potential in the workplace.

Define your Image and what it says about you

Seek some external inspiration

Give yourself an audit on how you wish to be perceived and consider your business goals.   Think about the clients you wish to attract.  Does your image align with those clients or the role you aspire to?  Once you have that clarity, it becomes easier to align with your personal brand.




Dress for Success

Understand what flatters you – the colours, shapes and styles.   Develop a signature style that reflects who YOU are and what feels comfortable for YOU - not always what fashion dictates .  Look into your wardrobe, learn how to dress your body.  You may need to invest in some key pieces here ultimately forming the basis of a capsule wardrobe.  Seek some external inspiration, spend wisely and your clothes will support you for some time.


Scrutinise your Grooming

..and the attention you pay to thisIt’s always the small things people notice such as the chipped nail polish, the scuffed shoe or the creased clothing…but more importantly, so will YOU.  The simple truth here is that when we care for the small things, we care for others, our clients, cohorts and the detail within our work.


Body Language

When we make eye contact and smile, our expressions soften.  A smile is associated with confidence and it’s a great way to engage.  Similarly, a good firm handshake suggests we are dealing with a confident individual.  Work on this if it is on the ‘limp’ side!

Posture can add real value to our personal brand and signifies that we are approachable, open to conversation and open to listening.


Of course, our body language also depends upon how comfortable we feel in our clothes.  We can be wearing an expensive designer dress or a beautifully tailored suit but without the smile or appropriate grooming, we may not win the contract, get the job or get the guy!

Putting it together, when we invest in ourselves, a world of opportunities can open up.  Whether we are selling products or services , you are your own boss or a member of a larger organisation, we are in a stronger position if we have first invested in ourselves.

If a ‘shot’ of dressing confidence could play a part in YOUR career or personal goal, visit my website and learn a little more about what I can do for you here.

Have a great day!

Jackie Crawford

Independent Image Consultant

* Main Photo credit Olivia Brabbs

March 25, 2019


There are few women that when I first meet them, are perfectly comfortable with their bodies and how to dress them. That is why women engage my support, to understand what fits and flatters them helping them to feel great about themselves.  Wouldn't you like to be your best you?

That is what I do!  I help women to define and develop their individual style and personal brand through the colours and clothing styles that work just for them.  We take into account their natural characteristics, lifestyle, life stage and of course, personal preferences.  Any positive change can be daunting but the results in taking control of your image and personal style can be life-changing.  A more positive image can support our careers, a return to the working scene, our social environments or a new partner.

Many things influence the clothes we choose to wear, our childhoods, our Mother's, our peers, celebrities and of course our personal preferences.   When we understand what suits us and we curate our own style, it becomes easier to make more confident and successful clothing decisions.

Imagine being able to confidently express ourselves through our clothes and through a wardrobe that we love to open every day.

For some it is not an easy journey and we are plagued by our mind-set that can create a seemingly immovable block that prevents us from embracing our new approach. Seeing ourselves in a different light, maybe feeling uncomfortable that we might now be noticed, showing off parts that have long remained hidden - all can make us feel uncomfortable; along with beliefs about how we should look, what suits us, what people might think and the dreaded inner critic all have a part to play in holding us back.

Photo credit Olivia BrabbsThis was the motivation for working with Personal Performance Coach Andrea Morrison who has a wealth of experience in working with women who face these challenges and to create a unique event, a workshop that enabled us to support women with their dressing confidence on the inside and out!

I am delighted therefore that York Fashion Week encourages such diverse collaboration and so when, once again, we had the opportunity of teaming up, I jumped at the chance.   Together we bring your Empower Your Fashion – Be Your Best You!  Building on our success of last year's event we are bringing an opportunity to gain valuable insights, tailored to you within an intimate group of 10 women, allowing you to embrace a more authentic and congruent you!

Photo credit Olivia Brabbs

During the Workshop, I shall be sharing my expertise in personal styling and helping you to create a look that is just right for you.  I will help you understand colours, garment shape and style and Andrea will be exploring with you your clothing story, what is holding you back, getting in your way, leaving you inspired, confident and motivated to embrace the real you! It's a winning combination leaving your fashion completely Empowered!

We do hope to see you there!

Colours . Clothes . Confidence

February 28, 2019


Did you wonder what to wear today?

Be honest what was going through your mind?

It can be a real dilemma when we face our wardrobe for the day ahead?   As we (potentially!) approach the finer weather we are perhaps thinking of a few new wardrobe additions and hopefully pairing up with the items we already own.   Does it still fit?  Does it still suit me?  Is it appropriate for that new role?  Does my ‘bum’ look big and what about my flabby arms?

All this frustration and self-doubt before we have even got dressed!  A whole lot of stress before our day begins but one thing is true.  If we face a wardrobe of uninspiring clothes, how do you imagine that makes us feel throughout the day?  Perhaps you feel a little lacklustre, dull, lifeless and well, uninspiring!

Imagine that if each time we dressed, our clothes felt as if they belonged to us, were part of us and represented who we are?  Our day may have a whole new outcome.  Think about that!

The way we present ourselves, the clothes we wear all help us to feel good about ourselves, help us gain recognition.  This in turn can lead to increased confidence.

It is true also that confident people inspire confidence in others and I am a great advocate that wearing clothes in colours and styles to flatter, we do feel very different about ourselves.

Being comfortable in our clothes gives us one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on our work, our business and our relationships.

In the digital world we now inhabit, our image and the first impression we create happens in the blink of an eye.  A positive image can open doors for us.

If you wondered what to wear today and are tired of not knowing what to wear or your image needs a review, maybe it’s time to get some help and work with someone to develop your personal style?   With specialists to file our tax returns and people to service our cars, it’s not so difficult to imagine that there are people to help YOU present yourself at YOUR very best?

Here are just a few things that working with me can do for YOU?

  • Together we can develop and define a personal brand that is unique to YOU
  • Help YOU develop a wardrobe that suits all of your needs, your lifestyle, your personality, your body shape and your budget.
  • I can Help YOU to maximise the items within your wardrobe and avoid future impulse purchases

My clients report feeling "more confident" and "empowered" about their  personal brand and dressing style.  If you would like to learn more about developing or refining YOUR personal style, I’d love to hear from you.  Do please give me a call if you'd like to chat.  07494 644788

Colours . Clothes . Confidence

January 28, 2019


Opening our wardrobe should be a positive experience but how often is this the case?  When I ask "does your wardrobe bring your joy?" most women respond with “never”, “negative”, “depressing”.

How then are we supposed to feel motivated, energised, professional or happy for the day, week or year ahead if we begin our day feeling downbeat?  Does your wardrobe bring you joy?

How often do you open your wardrobe doors and feel inspired?  I firmly believe that we can really love each item in our wardrobe and each day should begin with positivity and confidence to face whatever our day may throw at us.

The fact is that we are creatures of habit and stick to what we know and what feels comfortable whatever our age.  We get stuck in rut and navigating through colours, styles and fashion trends can be challenging.

Does this sound like you?  If so, are you ready to face your wardrobe challenges head-on and re-invigorate your wardrobe and the way it makes you feel?

Let me help.  Here are some of my top-tips to getting more joy from your wardrobe as we begin to think of the new season ahead.

Dig Deep into your wardrobe…

Pull out the items you know no longer fit….(we all have them right?) the chances are they never will and each time we see them is a reminder that we haven’t lost the weight.   Gift them to a friend or the charity shop so someone else can enjoy them.  Or if you experience weight fluctuation, you may choose to store them elsewhere (and out of regular sight) until such time when they may fit again.

As we tend to wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time, get creative and delve further into your wardrobe.  The chances are that you will find a gem or two!  Make a conscious effort to wear them with something you do wear.  Ta Dah!  You’ve created at least another ‘new’ outfit and it hasn’t cost you a penny.



If you lack inspiration, look to your favourite stores, Instagram or fashion magazines to get some ideas.



Inject some colour...

Many women (certainly those working in a more formal corporate environment) remain in their comfort zone of suits/dresses in black, navy and gray which all seem a little predictable.  Don’t feel you have to stick to these conformist colours  to remain professional but instead pair them with fuchsia pink or emerald green and liven up your working look.

Few of us have the resource to look like a catwalk model but clothing in colours and styles that flatter individual characteristics, can help to increase both confidence and self-esteem.

You may wish to seek further seasonal inspiration from The Pantone Institute  – The International authority on colour. )  In addition to the Colour of the Year (which you may already know is Living Coral for 2019), they create a Fashion Colour Trend report – colours that Fashion Designers feature within their collections.  These in turn filter into our high street brands so you should be seeing some of these colours already.  Why not try a few garments on in some of these new season colours and see how they make you feel?   Colour is such a visual phenomenon that can lift your look and support your mental well-being.

If you would like to learn about the best colours  for you, I’m just a phone call away but here is the link to my Colour Analysis Experience.

Use Accessories

As dress-codes become more casual in the workplace, it has become easier to inject some personality into your look with accessories – rather than the silver or gold chain you regularly wear, try a brighter colour in some costume jewellery, a contrasting pair of heels or ‘posh’ trainers or a different handbag – all of which you may already have found in the depths of your wardrobe!

* Shoes by DL Sport

Maybe it is time for something new?..

I often speak about the ‘wardrobe staples’ – those flexible pieces that work hard for us, that keep on giving and in which we feel great.  For you maybe it’s a leather jacket, a favourite shirt or cashmere jumper.

In taking the time to root through your clothes, maybe you need to say ‘hello’ to a new ‘hero piece’- a wardrobe stealing item that adds interest and excitement to your wardrobe.  Bear in mind, it does not need to cost the earth.  Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life and joy into your wardrobe.

  • Try some new boots that can be paired with a dress, skirt or jeans
  • A new dress that works with your leather or denim jacket
  • An on-trend Trench in a more vibrant colour

Believe me when I say that whatever our roles and positions, our clothes need to support us, inspire us and spark joy, or else what’s the point?

Think of your clothes as an investment in your personal brand, if we don’t invest in ourselves, why should others?  Remember, your wardrobe should bring you joy!

Do let me know if these pointers help you.  If however you remain at a loss with the colours and styles that are perfect for you and you need guidance on successful dressing for your professional or social wardrobe, then please get in touch by phone on 07494 644788 or visit my website.

*main feature image courtesy of Becca Mcaffie - Unsplash

February 11, 2018


Those of you who know me will hear me often speaking about the importance of well-fitting under garments and the joy that buying good and lovely lingerie can bring a woman.  Ah, you hear me, you know what I am talking about!

There is a certain feel good factor associated with the purchase and wearing of good lingerie.  Apart from the obvious fact that lingerie can make or break an outfit (yes it’s that important!) it is the basis for your clothing, the foundation that helps your clothing to hang well, it can put you in touch with your feminine side AND as if that is not enough, it creates confidence from the inside knowing that you are feeling supported and gorgeous all day.   It is a topic dear to my heart and one I discuss with all of my clients joining me for personal style analysis.

This may just be a personal thing but when we know our clothing fits well, looking and feeling good is just the thing we need sometimes for that all important inner confidence boost…..and no-one need know why we are smiling all day.  I am an advocate of wearing our nicest lingerie for job interviews, special occasions and for those challenging days where we need something less to think about!  The effect of wearing good supportive lingerie is nothing short of miraculous.

If choosing lingerie is a chore for you, make it fun – it’s a great opportunity for a day out with your girlfriends.  The choice of style and colour can be overwhelming not to mention whether you need underwired, a contoured or soft cup, balcony or plunge.  Needless to say, seamed bras with fuller cups give the best support and speaking from experience, lift and support IS possible in a comfortable and stylish bra.  It is always a good investment to own at least one nude coloured bra in your ‘knicker drawer’ and whilst I agree it is not the sexiest of colours, tops in white, cream and those of a sheer nature, do benefit from the ‘invisible’ effect they create beneath.

If you prefer to reduce the risk of saggy breasts, regardless of your size, do not be tempted to go bra-less.

crop_vitoria_regia_model_back_5However regularly you exercise, ensure your breasts are well supported by a  well-fitting sports bra with the appropriate impact level. Try a bra with a racer  back (shown here right) which reduces the pressure to your shoulders.  The technology applied to active-wear nowadays should also ensure that outer garments offer you a degree of support too.

It’s a fact that higher positioned breasts look more youthful!  You could also check your bra strap adjustments and tighten a little if required bearing in mind that from putting your bra on in the morning you should not give it a second thought.  If it is a good fit for you, it should feel comfortable throughout the day.

If you need any more encouragement to ensure you are looking your best, I would recommend that you head to your nearest lingerie shop for a fitting by a proper bra fitting expert.  It is a good discipline to get re-measured annually as our size can fluctuate and when gravity takes over, we need all the help we can get.

Wearing lovely lingerie helps us to feel beautiful, why would you leave the house without it!

Jackie Crawford

Independent Image Consultant

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