You’ve heard me say before that fashion is for everyone?  I am passionate about the way our clothes matter and have the power to transcend boundaries so let’s talk fashion!

There are a whole host of reasons why I strongly believe this.

Fashion connects people together

After a break of two years,  I was delighted in April 2022  to see the return of York Fashion Week.   Not a moment too soon in my book.

For many it meant reconnecting with a vibrant community.  A group of talented and creative people all supporting and championing one another.  It’s a powerful way to collaborate, learn more about the industry in our region and a way to support local talent.

Of special note this year was the incredible variety of businesses involved, particularly those designers shining a light on sustainability.  For example,  recycled clothing (Ketchup Clothing), clothing designed to ease those undergoing medical treatment (Warpaint), a new jewellery collection created from ocean plastics (Half the Ocean) and Dressing Gowns made from stunning vintage fabrics (Spitting Feathers) to name but a few.

Bringing these people together creates the opportunity for dialogue between those taking part and those it serves to inspire.

Fashion is for everyone

Lovely 83 yr old model on The Revival Runway
Photo credit Olivia Brabbs

Fashion is for everyone

During YFW alone, I was excited to see the age range and wonderful diversity of those involved.  At one show, models on the ‘runway’ aged between 3 and 83 were happily taking part.  They were empowered wearing the clothes that visibly transported the wearer to a place of confidence.

Our clothes have the power to elevate, to express our individuality and tell the world who we are.  Adopting just one trend piece can make us feel current and relevent.

I saw new friendships blossom and could appreciate all over again how fashion enables positive connections.

Fashion inspires our own choices

Recycled clothing by Ketchup Clothes
Image Credit Olivia Brabbs

I liken fashion to the style of food we choose, we don’t all like everything but we’ve still gotta eat, right?

There is no wonder that we see the International designers flexing their creative muscles!

We witness zany and outrageous designs but I equally applaud the work involved in bringing an event and ‘catwalk’ together.  A whole host of creatives pulling together behind the scenes.

For many of us, the latest trends can be overwhelming.  Let's welcome the amazing creativity, the visual extravagance and use what we see to stimulate our own self-expression.

Fashion is for everyone

Ethical brand Hope Fashion during York Fashion Week. Image credit Olivia Brabbs

Fashion can be a force for good

Thinking back upon it now, I realise that in a relatively short space of time how things have changed. I was never a Fashionista but boy back in the ‘90’s how I loved to feast on Carrie Bradshaw’s closet (Sex in the City). I may also have been guilty of consuming fashion simply because it was on trend….rarely because it looked great.

Wind on forty years and my purchases are more wisely considered and well chosen.  My clothes will stand the test of time, will mix and match and reflect how I wish to feel in my clothes. It really is a powerful thing!

I shudder to think how much money I wasted in my 20’s and 30’s on clothes and I dare say many of us still do. I wonder if we all thought about the monetary value alone of our unworn clothes?

Change it must for our planet and for those employed in the garment industry.  We can ALL help and initiate a change in behaviour by making more sustainable and ethical clothing choices.  What if we select pre-loved clothing, get creative with our existing wardrobe or be more insistent on buying from brands with visibly ethical credentials.

Did you see that the next series of Love Island has partnered with eBay to encourage a less disposable attitude to fashion?  Contestants are expected to re-wear and repeat their outfits.  Hoorah!  This sort of exposure will highlight how pre-loved fashion can be celebrated.

Fashion makes us feel good

If for you, fashion seems to be frivolous, understanding what works for our body shape, our lifestyle and personality is a good strategy.  I can naturally help you with this.

This can lead us to more discerning choices, we begin to dress to our own beat but use fashion selectively and in a more mindful way.  A knowledge that helps us better select a range of flexible and well-chosen clothes that deserve a place to hang in our wardrobe for longer.

As an advocate for clothing that feels good for us, I am hooked on the power that our clothes have on our well-being and confidence.  Fashion is for everyone!


To the creative team behind the prestigious marketing company, NIMA that helped to shape and bring us York Fashion Week, I applaud their vision that means fashion is for everyone.

Image credit OliviaBrabbs for York Fashion Week.