July 29, 2022


There are always a number of Summer Style Essentials that we rely on in our wardrobes whether we are jetting off somewhere or planning a staycation.

That’s also the great thing about the usual British Summer, it tends to be a shorter season so the clothes we wear don’t get too much use. So let’s call it Sustainable Summer Style Essentials allowing us to re-wear these items year after year.

Pieces that if we care for and love, can be re-introduced, re-explored and maybe, re-styled.

I’ve narrowed down my selection so read on for my Summer 7 - 7 key pieces I could not do without.


Summer Style

Photo Credit: Julia Kuzenkov Pexels

More than an aid for protecting our eyes from the glare of sunlight and harmful UV and UVB rays but also, a fashionably cool accessory.

Like a swipe of lipstick, sunglasses can change our entire look.
Be mindful of fashion sunglasses that do not always provide sufficient UV protection so try to  look out for a CE Mark, UV400 or a British Standard Mark such as ISO to ensure good protection.

Tote / Beach Bag

The ultimate Summer accessory.  No-one wants to cart a heavy leather bag around in the Summer when our hands are sticky with sucream or icecream.  Instead choose a lighter style bag that will carry your everyday essentials.  Think Jute, Raffia or Straw.   A classic bag will stay with you season after season.

If you choose something with a reinforced base and good sturdy handles, you will be sure to use it on repeat each Summer.

Whichever you select, ensure it has a small compartment to keep you purse, keys and lippie safe and handy.    For a lovely range of bags take a look at these beauties by British brand Henrietta Spencer.

Embellished Sandals

There is something quite irresistible about a pair of sandals with some sort of embellishment or sparkle and since there are few days here in the UK when we can actually wear them, we can enjoy their return year after year.

Take a simple outfit up a notch with some embellished sandals.

Maxi Dress

A dress with a beautiful print will carry you through the Summer whatever your plans.  From strolling around a market, heading for a Mojito, barbeque on the beach or even a Wedding.  You may even manage to wear it in your workplace.

Style with your favourite accessories but keep it simple, the statement will be the print!

Choose a print that you love and you will be happy to wear your dress for longer.




Tie a scarf around your handbag for a stylish twist

Silk Scarf

A scarf can do far more than its name suggests – it can protect us from the sun and equally provides an extra layer when the temperatures fall.  Tie one around your wrist as a cool and colourful accessory or tie one around the handle of your bag for a stylish twist.

A scarf can also be used as a belt over a Summer dress to cinch around the waist.  I’ve also used a scarf before, knotted as an evening bag.

Sun Hat

Offering total protection for your skin, eyes and hair, a hat is a great all-rounder and makes a rather stylish statement too.  You can’t afford to leave home without one.

Choose a colour that effortlessly pairs with the clothes in your wardrobe but failing that, a good neutral colour will ensure it goes with everything!

Go for a wider brim for a glorious glamorous vibe!


Who doesn’t love the free and easy feel of a Kimono.  Simply pair with a tee and pair of shorts or slip over your swimwear.  At the Spa?  Take one along as a cover-up!

They are a versatile addition to any wardrobe and there’s always a great choice of colours and patterns around.

This one I love from One Hundred Stars but check out the options from sustainable British brand Live Lagom.


Do let me know if your Top 7 Sustainable Summer Style Essentials are the same as mine!

I hope these styling tips help you.  Don’t forget to drink plenty and water and remember your sunscreen.  Do enjoy and happy and safe Summer.

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*Main Image credit Olivia Brabbs for York Fashion Week

July 28, 2021


From blistering temperatures to a freezing downpour that has us reaching for the waterproof’s!   Ah sounds like a holiday in the UK and you may be packing for a Summer staycation.

That’s one of the wonderful things about holidays in the UK.  There is such variety (on so many levels) which means being prepared to experience four seasons in just one day!

So if you are packing for a Summer staycation, here are some of my favourite tips to make holiday packing a breeze.

Hoorah!  No Baggage Allowance

The joy with a staycation is that we tend to travel by car so we may enjoy more flexibility.  No excuse to take the kitchen sink

Firstly you will need to consider the type of holiday

The items you choose to take with you does depend upon the type of holiday, is it a romantic get-away, an activity or beach holiday or are the kids coming with you?

Assuming it is not an activity or beach holiday you will spend your days drinking in the views of your chosen destination, go for simple and stylish and remember some comfortable flatties to wander the streets in.  Leave your heels behind unless you are headed somewhere very glamorous and have specific plans with smarter dining arrangements.

Add a hoodie to a simple Summer dress

The Packing Edit

A decent Coat or Jacket

Walking Boots or shoes comfortable enough to walk in with appropriate socks

A pair of trainers and a pair of sandals

Lightweight Trousers – preferably non-denim as they take longer to dry

A selection of short and long-sleeve Tee-Shirts

A couple of smarter tops for the evening

A skirt

A Sundress or Shirt Dress

A scarf that doubles as a cover-up from the sun or as an additional layer when the temperatures fall in the evening.  Lovely  Cashmere range here from Amadablam Cashmere.

Why not view my Pinterest board here for some staycation holiday outfit inspiration.

Packing for a Summer StaycationLay out your clothes before you pack

This will help you to see what goes with what and can help you make a list of outfits.  You can save valuable packing space if you choose versatile clothing to mix and match allowing you to wear items that transition throughout the day into evening.  Sticking to a similar colour palette helps here too.  I am a great fan of a variety of different tops that can be paired with wide leg palazzo trousers – very cool for both day and night.


The Packing itself…

Be ruthless and ensure you try everything on before you pack it, does it fit and does it make you happy.  Rolling your clothes saves valuable space and also prevents creasing.  Don’t forget the valuable space inside a pair of shoes (oh and possibly wellies….it is the UK remember) and use this space for socks, swimwear, underwear or suncream.


Accessories tie an outfit together very well – a statement belt, jewellery or indeed a hat.  Consider the colour and if it will combine well with other outfits.  I slip additional jewellery into a jewellery roll within an ‘evening’ bag.  Unless you know your accommodation has a safe, leave your finer jewellery at home.

Packing for a Summer Staycation

Photo Credit: Julia Kuzenkov Pexels

Summer Staycation Travel Essentials

First up, how about a sand-resistant Beach Towel that leaves the sand behind with a quick shake.  I was rather taken with this super absorbant, quick drying towel made entirely from recycled materials.  Available in a great array of colours, it’s a useful item for camping, sports, hiking or for a day on the beach.  A different colour for each family member maybe?

Wherever you go you will need to protect yourself from the sun and so a high factor suncream is a must.  Better still invest in the amazing Tancream which combines self-tan AND sun protection of SPF50.

Sunglasses are not only a fashionably cool accessory but a necessary aid to protect our eyes from the glare of sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Finally, don’t leave home without your umbrella, face-mask or hand sanitiser!

So there you have it, I hope you have learnt something about packing for a Summer staycation but if you need any help in putting together a selection of flexible holiday garments.

Enjoy a very safe and Happy Holiday!

Or if you are looking for some positive change to the way you present yourself,  please do call me on 07494 644788 or visit my website at www.jackiecrawford.co.uk

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  • Staycation in this instance is defined as a holiday within the UK



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