September 30, 2021


It can be tricky dressing for the change of season so let me share some guidance on how to transition your Summer Wardrobe into Autumn, without spending a fortune.

Dressing successfully for this time of year is all about the layering.  We can also maximise our existing wardrobe by getting creative and cooking up some new ways to style our clothes.  So if you are not ready to pack away your Summer wardrobe, have a read of my 10 Top Tips.

Throw a nice tee under a Summer dress

Throw a nice tee-shirt under a Summer dress

or alternatively a lightweight polo neck jumper and enjoy wearing your dresses for longer.

Style a jumper over your Summer dress

in a complementary colour.  It will help you to know exactly the colours that work for you.  I can help you with that during one of my pampering 1:1 sessions here in my York Studio.

Add a blazer over your Summer dresses

for a smarter look.  Worth noting that a single-breasted blazer works best on larger frames.  A double-breasted style works best on petite or slimmer frames.

Pair your white or paler jeans

with a chunkier knit and change up your Summer Sandals for some ankle boots.

Add a Scarf

Add a scarf in a flattering colour

in a flattering colour.  A scarf is a great way to add some interest to your Autumn wardrobe and a colourful option helps to tie the colours of your outfit together

How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to AutumnAdding pieces with a chunkier texture

works really well, see here a Summer style Kimono over a cashmere jumper.   Great when the colours complement each other perfectly.

An elegant knitted vest

looks fabulous paired over a Summer Tee-shirt or blouse and for extra styling points, don’t tuck it in…..the longer layers can make us look taller.  (yes, really).

Still loving your maxi-dress?

Add a shirt over and knot it at your waist.  This really adds a lovely shapely detail to your body shape.

Photo credit Lindsley Weddings

Add a Trench!

Add a Trench!

So many colour options and styles to choose from but whatever the occasion, a Trench has you covered.

How about adding some tights?

Opt for colourful opaques such as these from sustainable and ethical retailer Snagtights or for some extra cosiness, try a textured cable knit.

how to transition your Summer wardrobe into Autumn

Take a peek inside your wardrobe and get creative

Go and take a peek inside your wardrobe and see if you are able to implement any of these suggestions.  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to smile when you open up your wardrobe and need some guidance to make that happen, do get in touch, it’s what I love to do.

Wishing you a wonderful start to Autumn.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

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June 30, 2021


There are still many of us coming to terms with a post-pandemic dressing routine but perhaps dressing for Summer may give you the incentive to get back on track? Having spent more than a year in clothes that made us feel comfortable, many of my clients have become stuck in a styling rut.

Now that we can return to our local high street once again, Summer could be the butt-kick we need to add some new pieces to our wardrobe.  Pieces that work for you that you can reach for year after year.

It’s not about the latest trends but about the key elements you need to consider.   Needless to say that anything with tight waistbands should be avoided!

We all realise that future Summer’s are likely to become a whole lot hotter!   Since successful Summer dressing is all about staying cool, how do we maintain a stylish look?  Read on for some guidance on Dressing for Summer over the coming weeks.

Natural Fabrics

First up, choose natural fibres that breathe more easily such as cotton, linen (watch out for the creasing mind), silk, chambray (a plain weave fabric) or a loose Jersey.

If you do happen to sweat, natural fabrics will dry faster.

It’s worth noting that Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon may cause you to sweat more.  Clothes that stick to our bodies is not a good look!

For those of you able to make your own clothes, check out Sewsocialising (an independent fabric shop and sewing studio in York) who have a great range of Summer fabrics and also offer a mail-order service too!

Choose some paler shades

We associate lighter colours with a Summer vibe so choosing some pastels and paler shades will reflect the light and keep you cooler.    It’s a great way to switch around the darker clothes in the wardrobe.

Layering is key

Think about using layers to add interest or to regulate your temperature particularly if  you are out and about.  Take a large but fine scarf with you to wrap over your shoulders.  This will protect you from the sun but also acts as a further layer if the temperature cools.  Alternatively an oversize shirt is also a good option to slip over a simple tee.

In a working environment, having a light jacket close at hand is always useful.

Loose and Floaty

Clothing with a looser silhouette is a good staple for your Summer wardrobe as it allows air to flow easily around your body.  Anything too fitted could make you feel a little sticky in the heat.

If you prefer a little shape, you could always cinch the waist using a softer style belt or a scarf for a belt.

Add a splash of Colour above your waist

If you are still working from home and Zoom remains your mode of communication, choose more interesting basics in your tops that have interest built in rather than a single plain colour.  You can keep that for your bottoms.

Back in the office?  Add a splash of colour anyway!

Anyone for a jumpsuit?

An alternative cooler option to your usual top and bottoms.  There are some great styles this season so choose wisely for your body shape…

Straight leg styles work for a straighter body shape

Wide Leg styles work for those with a curvy body shape

If you are short, opt for a full length trouser rather than the cropped styles that visually reduce your height.  I cover this and more within my pampering and informative Personal Styling consultation. 

Add a hoodie to a simple Summer dress

Dresses are cooler

Wearing dresses is a great strategy as there is nothing complicated to combine and then if you need to add a layer (heading onto a zoom or meeting a client) you can slip on a Kimono, fine knit vest top or depending upon the style, a hoodie – see image.

Think also about a shirt dress that will still feel loose but flattering and with the vertical button detailing, will make you look taller!  There’s a ‘win’ right there!

The longer style hemlines don’t work for all proportions so remember not to end the hemline on the widest point of your leg.

Wardrobe Basics

If we also consider transitional dressing, we can add a longer sleeve tee underneath our Summerwear such as a dress  or blouse for Spring and potentially Autumn wear.

Remaining professional when the temperatures rise

Anyone thinking this is a little trickier during the Summer months?

My advice is to opt for a simple work-appropriate dress and keep a light jacket, cardigan or finer wrap ready for the office environment.  Keep your colour palette on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Choosing a wider leg trouser style is also a great option which can be paired with heels, a flatter pump or smarter trainer.

A short sleeve silk or cotton blouse can look equally stylish with a skirt of your choosing.  The look can be brightened up with footwear and minimal jewellery.

Still need to wear a jacket?  Opt for an unlined jacket which reduces one extra later.

Dressing for Summer

Photo credit: Birkenstock Arizona Vegan Birko-Flor in Light Rose

Footloose and fancy free

Keeping your feet cool and comfortable is essential in the warmer weather.  Opt for a stylish pair of open toe slides, wedges or some Birkenstocks which are available in a wonderful array of colours.  Choosing a neutral tone ensures they offer more outfit flexibility.

Keep your make-up light and natural

Instead of a heavier foundation choose instead a tinted moisturiser that tends not to crease when the temperatures rise.  Change up a darker lip colour for a paler shade or a tinted lip gloss or balm.

Replace your black eye liner or mascara with a softer shade – brown is a great alternative for all skin tones.

Dressing for Summer

Tie a scarf around your handbag for a stylish twist

And to top it off…

A hat will keep the sun off your face and neck but having a small scarf with you to tie your hair up is a helpful addition for your bag – try tying onto your bag for an extra stylish twist?

Drink plenty of water

It’s important that you keep your fluid intake up especially during the hotter months.  Try drinking from a nicer glass or keeping a water bottle on your desk to top you up.


Take a look here for some current styling ideas.

Enjoyed this article?  I’d be happy if you were to comment below or share with your friends.

If however, you would like to arrange a discovery call and receive one to one guidance, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a cool and stylish Summer.

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

Colours . Clothes. Confidence

December 30, 2020


No-one needs a reminder that 2020 has been a challenging year on so many fronts.  I predict positive clothes for 2021!

I believe we began to really appreciate the value of the outdoors to our mental well-being and the importance of our planet.  Let us hope that we all continue to place this as a priority over the coming years.

For so many, casualwear became the clothing of choice.  It offered comfort whilst staying and working from home.

Bear in mind that how we dress, what we choose to wear has a significant impact upon the way we feel.  Perhaps our loungewear does not adequately project a working image especially when our calls are visual.  Whilst not dressing formally, a smarter casual on-screen personal creates a positive working attitude.

However, the very act of getting dressed as if we are leaving the house to work or meet up with friends, offers us a structure and a routine that sets the tone for the day ahead.  Positive!

So, what does this mean for the face of fashion for 2021?  A desire to ‘dress up’ and step up our dressing routine again I wonder?  I hope!

Based on the pared down versions of the key fashion shows earlier this year, there will surely be some style winners for 2021 and for what it’s worth, I make my predictions here:

Image Credit Pantone

Vibrant Colour

With rainbow stripes appearing in windows, on T-shirts and other garments, the emblem we adopted for 2020 became a symbol of hope and optimism.  Colour is a wonderful phenomenon that creates a whole host of emotional responses.

Each year the Pantone Institute (the worldwide authority on colour) selects a ‘colour of the year’.  It’s a snapshot of what they see taking place in our global culture.

Unusually, rather than a single colour, a colour-pairing has been announced for 2021.  What do you think to Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray?  Pantone describes their choice as “a marriage of colours conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”.  What a great positive message.

I really love this fresh combination and shall look forward to seeing these shades brightening us all up on our high streets in Spring.  Watch out for future guidance on my other social pages on how to successfully inject these colours into your wardrobe.

Also watch out for Pink!  I saw this featured in many collections.

Don’t underestimate the power of colour and the joy it can bring to you and your wardrobe.  You may wish to learn more about my Colour Analysis service that identifies the most flattering colours for you.

Good Wardrobe Staples

Good wardrobe staples

Good wardrobe staples

Creating a more sustainable capsule wardrobe focusing on quality essentials for longevity is going to be key for our pockets and the future of our planet.  I’m thinking more classic and versatile pieces that stand the test of time.  In fact, pieces you may already own.

These are the pieces that we tend to spend a little more on – good shirts and blouses, outerwear, footwear and investment handbags.

We can’t all stretch to the designer price tag but we can shop second hand via our charity shops, vintage markets or dress agencies.  There are some great finds to be had.

If a label is important to you, Vestiaire Collective is another great option – a global fashion community selling pre-owned designer items.

Should you wish to buy new, choose to invest in brands whose sustainable and ethical credentials are visible – Baukjen is one of my favourites offering a wonderful clothing range.  Look also for the smaller independent brands that display a responsible fashion ethos such as Livelagom.

Feel-Good Prints

We tend to see more prints appearing on our clothing during the Summer months – perhaps it heralds a more carefree way of dressing?  Given that holidays to sunnier climes eluded most of us during 2020, I predict that we will see some holiday inspired prints this year.  Think palms, Hawaiian style patterns and even a nod to marine life may emblazon the clothing choices for Summer this year.  All great paired with beach bags and wedge style espadrilles.


With an altogether more relaxed style emerging, denim continues to reign supreme.  The slimmer silhouette of the skinny jeans however will be replaced by a more relaxed or slouchy style.  This is music to my ears.  A boot cut or wide-leg jean are universally more flattering on all body shapes.  Great wardrobe pieces that can be dressed up or down.   They offer a really flexible wardrobe addition that also serves to elevate the ‘yoga-pant’ look.

We have missed dressing up Model: Anna Middleton Hat: Rose and Flo Millinery

Bring back Dresses

With so many social and special gatherings put on hold, I envisage that we may wish to go a little bolder when events return to our calendars.  We have missed dressing up and wearing heels.  A special occasion is a great opportunity to combine the two.

I’ve noticed that more flamboyant styles with fuller skirts and embellishments have featured on the virtual catwalks so can’t wait to see how our high street brands interpret these statement looks.



It will be fascinating to see exactly what appears in our clothing stores over the coming seasons.  I hope that above all, fashion makes us feel good and that we choose more more mindfully to protect our planet and those working Internationally in the fashion industry.  Choose positive clothes for 2021!  

You can get in touch for more information about my services here.


Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year.


November 30, 2020


If it were anytime prior to Christmas 2020 we would be fast approaching the busiest time of year in our social calendars.  The task of choosing our party outfit would have been high on our agenda!  What to wear  for Christmas - 2020 style may look a little different.

With a global pandemic to contend with, partying may not be top priority.   However it is still an opportunity to wriggle out of our leisurewear in favour of something  a little more special.  We still want to feel good, right?

You may not be heading far and the party atmosphere may be more subdued this year so selecting something that lifts our mood is a good start.  How about opting for something a little more glitzy and glamorous?  Remember the power our clothes have to make us feel good?

Ready to Party at Home?

So what to wear for Christmas - 2020 style when we may not even be heading out of the door?

I am an advocate of choosing outfits that offer real flexibility so opting for pieces that can mix and match with others is a good strategy.  Despite the year we have all experienced, it is still essential to incorporate some sparkle this season.  So don’t forget the opulent velvet and standout sequins.  Here are some of my favourites this season:

Dark Green Sparkle Top by Whistles

The Sparkly Top that you can wear at home with jeans or easily paired for an evening out with smart trousers or a skirt.  Although this year, a sparkle in the trouser department is bang on trend.

TOP TIP: If you are the Christmas Chef, only dress your bottom half whilst you are doing the ‘messy’ bits, then all you have to do is change your top.  Don't be tempted to cook the Christmas lunch in any new item of clothing.  You don't want to risk any spillage on its first outing!


Amy Embellished Flats by Boden

Don’t forget the embellished shoes that add some daytime glamour.  If you are heading out, remember of course that they will not withstand much wet weather nor snow, if we are dreaming of a white Christmas!

Nothing says Christmas quite like sequins and can be found on dresses and tops alike and will become wardrobe staples for year after year!



Nancy Velvet Top by Boden

I love the 'feel appeal' of velvet which looks great on for a luxurious festive look – I particularly like the wide leg trousers with a floaty feminine top taking you effortlessly from Christmas drinks to Christmas Day.

A Jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress or separates – one piece and you’re done!   They tend to be very flattering for most body shapes.  Depending upon the occasion, they are an easy item to dress up or down – flat pumps for a party at home and heels for a ‘bubble party’ elsewhere.

What if I am heading out!

So (if like a friend of mine) you are planning a special celebration that includes a country walk to a cosy pub, I recommend a toasty knee length skirt or trousers and jumper combo with a fab pair of opaque tights.  Your outdoor boots can then be switched to a smarter pair when you arrive.  Equally a jumpsuit tucked into wellies is another option with a change of footwear at the end.

Don’t forget to wrap up this season so look out for the variety of faux fur hats, scarves and wraps.

Any when you are ready to cosy up?

At the end of the day, returning to the cosy and comfortable in a favourite pair of PJ’s and slippers Hygge style, is a choice you can easily make.

Hopefully you are more clued up about what to wear for Christmas - 2020 style but for some further inspiration, take a peek at my Christmas Sparkle Pinterest Board here.  Do hurry if you wish catch some price reductions in the pre-Christmas sales.  It's also worth remembering the smaller boutiques and independents will really appreciate our support this year.

If you’ve been following my ‘live’ #SustainableStrides series over on Facebook, you will remember me speaking of the feel good factor associated with choosing clothes more sustainably.  This could be wearing and re-purposing the clothes we already have in our wardrobe or selecting new pieces from manufacturers and brands - transparent with their sustainable credentials.   If we choose our clothing carefully for Christmas, these special items will come out year after year.  Read more here.

Do get in touch if you'd like to learn more about the colours that best suit you or the styles that suit your body shape, lifestyle and personality.  I would love to hear from you.  Did you know that I also offer GIFT VOUCHERS for my services?  You might wish to pop one on your list for Santa.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you a very Jolly Careful Christmas and wish you all that sparkles.

Stylishly Yours

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

February 29, 2020


Spring is the perfect time of year to give our wardrobes a clothing overhaul so spend a little time updating your look for Spring.

With the impact of the sustainable fashion culture, there is no need to replace our entire selection for the season ahead but instead add a few key pieces that mix and match with your existing items. 

I  share some top tips on updating your look for Spring here – the ideal time to breathe new life and joy into your wardrobe.


How many items are there at the back of your wardrobe, unworn and unloved?  Prune, rescue and re-invent to create new outfits.  Add a colourful scarf or combine a new and unusual pairing.  Create a capsule wardrobe, identify some gaps and replacing wisely allows you to easily and efficiently mix and match your outfits.  Then arrange your clothes accessibly to simplify your morning dressing routine.


Image Credit The Fewston Bag Morgan + Wells

The Fewston from Yorkshire company Morgan + Wells

This is a cost-effective way to update your wardrobe and even a small change can have a significant impact for example with quality shoes or handbag.  My advice here is invest in what you can afford.  Generally speaking, you will find that higher quality footwear is more comfortable and will serve you for longer.  Where you can, opt for buckles or fixings on handbags in gold or brass, it can look a little more classy.  Spend wisely on your outerwear, apart from your smile, they are the first thing people notice.

With highlighter-inspired neons here for Spring, you can always add a pop of colour with a new handbag - great with neutrals and florals alike.  Your biggest decision will be choosing the colour.




With 12 fashion trend colours appearing each season, you can easily elevate your outfit with a splash of colour.  This season, look towards warm reds, hot oranges and vibrant blues. Colour lifts your look and adds a fun and vibrant style.

Select new pieces that you can mix and match with other outfits for maximum flexibility.




Accessorise - Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings

Image Credit: Accessorize Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings


Identify a style that really resonates with you.  Your clothes should allow you to feel both comfortable and confident.  Are you all about classic clean lines - more conservative than fashionista, a little more creative and edgy or is your dressing style more about creating a statement that inspires or intrigues.  Understand what feels right for you.



Image Credit: JD Williams Soft Pink Trench Coat

It’s a flexible piece that works hard for you, a piece that just keeps on giving throughout your wardrobe and in which you simply feel great!  A leather jacket perhaps or a Trench Coat in the new Season pastel shades would make good contenders.  Great to wear to the office or with jeans and trainers for a more relaxed look.  Leave it loose or wear it belted to define your waist.  You choose!


Remember when you do invest, buy the article only if you love it and can be paired with other items you already own.  When you shop more mindfully, you will find your clothing budget goes a whole lot further!

Enjoy updating your look for Spring!

November 30, 2018


The busiest time of year in our social calendars is almost upon us and for some, the task of dressing for the party season can be stressful particularly at this expensive time of year.

Photo credit: Moda in Pelle Katiybag Rose Gold Satin

What if .......this year you decided to 'shop your wardrobe' and instead wear an existing outfit in a different way?   How does that sound for you?  Changing your footwear or accessories in a brighter or more vibrant colour is a far cheaper alternative.  If you are mindful about your choice, these items can be used throughout the year and not simply for weddings and parties!   Just think about the 'cost per wear' by investing in those items you wear more often.



I am an advocate of choosing outfits that offer wardrobe flexibility so it is best to opt for pieces that can mix and match with others.

Whatever your choice, try to incorporate some sparkle this season and don't forget the opulent velvet and standout sequins.

If your mind is made up however and a new outfit is on the cards for you, it’s always a bonus to pick something that heralds this exciting time of year with family and friends.   It will not be hard to find something a little glitzy and glamorous this year… the challenge is finding something suitable when you have a number of events lined up!

Here are some of my favourites this season:

Photo credit: Damsel in a Dress Fraya Foil Jersey Top

The Sparkly Top that you can wear at home with jeans or easily paired for an evening out with smart trousers or a skirt.  Nothing says Christmas quite like sequins and can be found on dresses and tops alike.



There is a clutch bag to match too!

Photo credit:  Moda in Pelle Ilari Fuschia Suede. 



Don’t forget the embellished shoes that you will see in a variety of stores this Winter.  Remember of course that they will not withstand much wet weather nor snow, if we are dreaming of a white Christmas!

There is a matching clutch bag too!


Photo credit: Hobbs Vera Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress or separates.   They tend to be very flattering for most body shapes.  Depending upon the occasion, they are an easy item to dress up or down – flat pumps for a party at home or heels for a party elsewhere.




I love the feel appeal of velvet which looks great on for a luxurious party look – I particularly like the wide leg trousers with a floaty feminine top taking you effortlessly from Christmas drinks to Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to wrap up this season so look out for the variety of faux fur hats, scarves and wraps.

Whether you are looking for a single item, a full outfit or an accessory to enhance your look, I do hope that this selection has provided some inspiration for the festive season ahead.

Remember all clothing requires a good foundation!  Lingerie can make or break an outfit and the basis for your clothing - it helps your clothing hang beautifully.

If however you need some guidance with the colours to help you sparkle and dress for the party season this Christmas or the styles suit your body shape, lifestyle and personality, I'd love to hear from you.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you a very Merry Christmas and wish you a festive season that sparkles.

Stylishly Yours

Jackie Crawford



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