March 30, 2022


I wonder how our experience over these past two years has affected how we feel about the way we dress.  Has lockdown affected our dressing confidence?   Without a doubt.

We adapted to a half-life and adopted a more casual wardrobe to feel safe and comfortable.  Perhaps we have lost our identity and forgotten how to dress and show up?

I am convinced that being locked away on a diet of leisurewear and above the waist dressing has impacted upon our confidence.  We overlooked the very comfort we can enjoy by dressing for self-expression, the joy of dressing up and the way that makes us feel.

Has lockdown affected our dressing confidence?

Being intentional when you dress

With that in mind, I wonder how intentional you were when you were planning your wardrobe this morning?  How much thought you gave to the clothes in your wardrobe?  How did you select those clothes?

The clothes we wear are an expression of our unique and individual identities.  Our clothes have the power to elevate us, support us, differentiate us, enhance our personal brand and fill us with joy. The good news?  We can choose how we want to look and how we want to show up.

Believe it or believe it not, our wardrobes and the clothes within hold the secrets to looking good, feeling great and showing up in the most positive way we can.  Be more deliberate in your choices and ask yourself how you wish to present yourself to the world that day.  Connecting ourselves to those feelings through our clothes really can help raise our confidence.

To me dressing in leisurewear promotes a more relaxed feeling, that akin to a day off, snuggling on the sofa to read a good book or watch a film.  We associate certain clothes with differing scenarios.  Similarly a suit transports us to formal work environment perhaps or a wedding.

How can clothes elevate how we feel?

Remember how the garment made you feel

So how can dressing differently or swapping those casual clothes for smarter attire, elevate the way we feel?  Elevate our confidence.  Let’s just think about that.

Remember the outfit that each time you wear it, you feel fabulous…on top of the world, on top of your game.  It could be a dress, killer heels or a blouse with bold pattern….our clothing is powerful.

Remember how that garment made you feel? When you wore the dress, the killer heels?  Empowered, happy, fired up, powerful or capable?

These are all real feelings that we can enjoy and experience from our clothing.

There's always the outfit that generated a compliment

Maybe as an extension of this you received a compliment.  What about the flattering comments you received when you wore that dress or your killer heels?

There is incredible elation from this kind of reaction.

We feel fabulous and seek opportunities to replicate that surely?   So our clothing engenders positive associations – the date night blouse when we met our partner, the interview suit that landed our dream job, the beautifully cut trousers we treated ourselves to when we went self-employed.

Did our leisurewear ever provide us with this kind of reaction?  Fired up and ready to take on the world?  I’m imagining not.

Do you need an extra level of Confidence?

Lingerie can provide an extra level of confidence

Consider our day to day activities and how we are often required to influence, educate, challenge, encourage or to inspire?  Do you agree that sometimes you will find these tasks more challenging when you need to be the expert?

Through my own experiences, I have learned that confidence in our clothing eases those occasions when we need to flex our muscles.  For me, my choice of lingerie always helped to empower me and provide an extra level of confidence.



When you dress this morning, ask yourself how you would like to feel in your clothes, how you would like to present yourself and connect your clothes to those feelings.  I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you need help to unlock your own dressing confidence code, do get in touch.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

07494 644788

Feature image credit Lindsley Weddings

January 31, 2022


Back to the office for work?  Dressing made simple

Over the last couple of years, our working environments were switched to our kitchen tables, home offices or our spare rooms as we settled into working from home. The lines of home and work were blurred and inevitably a more relaxed and casual dressing style followed.

However as many of us prepare to go back to the office for work, it’s going to mean a shift in our dressing style!  Our morning dressing routines are going to look a lot different.  For some this may be causing a little dressing anxiety as we transition from loungewear to more office-appropriate pieces.

Are you excited at the prospect of dressing up again in your smarter clothing or are you feeling a little reluctant to part company with your leisurewear?

You may need to invest a little time to reap the rewards, but trust me, it will be worth it.

But first…create your own Style Mantra

The fact is that clothes are incredibly empowering so the key to successful dressing is that we feel good in our clothes and particularly at work.  Having style confidence provides us with the power to feel comfortable, to feel authentic. Confidence in our presentation can open doors and new opportunities. Firstly we need to identify clothes that help us feel confident.

Implementing a style mantra really helps when choosing clothing from our wardrobes or when selecting new clothing.  By choosing three words that describe the feeling we want to have in our clothes allows us to apply these words to each garment we choose.  For example, feminine, edgy or professional.  We can then assess if our mantra aligns with the clothes hanging in our wardrobe.  Of course I am able to help you develop this during a Personal Styling session.

Let me inspire you to dress with confidence for your return back to the office for work.  Read on for some top tips.

Assess your wardrobe

Take some time to try everything on that you have in your wardrobe.  Does it still fit?  Does if flatter?  It matters!

Ask yourself how it makes you feel.  Our wardrobes should be a place of joy and should inspire us as we leave our homes each morning.  Wouldn’t we rather make clothing choices that have a positive impact?  I assure you that the way our clothes make us feel, influences our day ahead.

New Pairings

This editing process will shed some light on these those items that don’t look or feel good but may also highlight some new pairings and create some entirely ‘new’ looks.  Shopping our wardrobes (particularly in January) is also worthwhile and reminds us of the hidden treasures at the back of our wardrobes…and maybe with the tags still intact!

Lay your clothes out the night before

Lay your clothes out the night before

This is a great strategy and saves valuable time in the morning.  This helps us identify the stain from a garment’s last wearing or the missing button that needs replacing.  We  have time to take action when we spot it early!  Dare I say, that it’s even better of you can plan for the entire week.

Knowing what may need laundering, which shoes may need a polish, will all save dressing anguish in front of our wardrobe in the morning.  Trust me it’s a game-changer.

Work out our wardrobe neutrals

What about  wardrobe Neutrals?

We all need a neutral base in our wardrobe that make creating oufits a little simpler.  I’m talking about navy, grey, brown, beige, camel tones, white, cream and black.  In choosing our base colours carefully we will find that introducing complimentary colours to your basic outfits is simplified.

Work out our wardrobe staples

Image Credit Pexels

Image credit Pexels

Our choices will differ wildly dependent upon our own personality but also our industry or place of work.   Therefore spending money wisely on our outerwear is a good investment.  For example, a good quality leather item will look better for longer when cared for so your footwear, handbags and laptop bags are important.

Consider a great fitting blazer, a couple of blouses, a white shirt, tailored trousers and a smart pair a well-fitting jeans will all serve us well.

What if we have gained weight?

I hear this often particularly since the uncertainty of these last couple of years… we have been opting for the comfort of an elasticated waistband and lost sight of how our more tailored pieces might fit.

What can we do?

A blouse that gapes at the bust and no longer fastens can be used as a loose ‘shacket’ style layer with a smarter tee under

A shirt dress that no longer fastens can be worn open with a pair of trousers and fine knit under

The trend for more fluid trouser styles will be with us for some time so perhaps seek out a pair in a colour that can be worn with your existing wardrobe.

If you are pondering your own office return  and you are back to the office for work, take a peek at my suggestions here.

How would you feel if  your  'back to the office' dressing choices were a little simpler?  I would love to work with you personally, do get in touch if I can help.

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

June 30, 2021


There are still many of us coming to terms with a post-pandemic dressing routine but perhaps dressing for Summer may give you the incentive to get back on track? Having spent more than a year in clothes that made us feel comfortable, many of my clients have become stuck in a styling rut.

Now that we can return to our local high street once again, Summer could be the butt-kick we need to add some new pieces to our wardrobe.  Pieces that work for you that you can reach for year after year.

It’s not about the latest trends but about the key elements you need to consider.   Needless to say that anything with tight waistbands should be avoided!

We all realise that future Summer’s are likely to become a whole lot hotter!   Since successful Summer dressing is all about staying cool, how do we maintain a stylish look?  Read on for some guidance on Dressing for Summer over the coming weeks.

Natural Fabrics

First up, choose natural fibres that breathe more easily such as cotton, linen (watch out for the creasing mind), silk, chambray (a plain weave fabric) or a loose Jersey.

If you do happen to sweat, natural fabrics will dry faster.

It’s worth noting that Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon may cause you to sweat more.  Clothes that stick to our bodies is not a good look!

For those of you able to make your own clothes, check out Sewsocialising (an independent fabric shop and sewing studio in York) who have a great range of Summer fabrics and also offer a mail-order service too!

Choose some paler shades

We associate lighter colours with a Summer vibe so choosing some pastels and paler shades will reflect the light and keep you cooler.    It’s a great way to switch around the darker clothes in the wardrobe.

Layering is key

Think about using layers to add interest or to regulate your temperature particularly if  you are out and about.  Take a large but fine scarf with you to wrap over your shoulders.  This will protect you from the sun but also acts as a further layer if the temperature cools.  Alternatively an oversize shirt is also a good option to slip over a simple tee.

In a working environment, having a light jacket close at hand is always useful.

Loose and Floaty

Clothing with a looser silhouette is a good staple for your Summer wardrobe as it allows air to flow easily around your body.  Anything too fitted could make you feel a little sticky in the heat.

If you prefer a little shape, you could always cinch the waist using a softer style belt or a scarf for a belt.

Add a splash of Colour above your waist

If you are still working from home and Zoom remains your mode of communication, choose more interesting basics in your tops that have interest built in rather than a single plain colour.  You can keep that for your bottoms.

Back in the office?  Add a splash of colour anyway!

Anyone for a jumpsuit?

An alternative cooler option to your usual top and bottoms.  There are some great styles this season so choose wisely for your body shape…

Straight leg styles work for a straighter body shape

Wide Leg styles work for those with a curvy body shape

If you are short, opt for a full length trouser rather than the cropped styles that visually reduce your height.  I cover this and more within my pampering and informative Personal Styling consultation. 

Add a hoodie to a simple Summer dress

Dresses are cooler

Wearing dresses is a great strategy as there is nothing complicated to combine and then if you need to add a layer (heading onto a zoom or meeting a client) you can slip on a Kimono, fine knit vest top or depending upon the style, a hoodie – see image.

Think also about a shirt dress that will still feel loose but flattering and with the vertical button detailing, will make you look taller!  There’s a ‘win’ right there!

The longer style hemlines don’t work for all proportions so remember not to end the hemline on the widest point of your leg.

Wardrobe Basics

If we also consider transitional dressing, we can add a longer sleeve tee underneath our Summerwear such as a dress  or blouse for Spring and potentially Autumn wear.

Remaining professional when the temperatures rise

Anyone thinking this is a little trickier during the Summer months?

My advice is to opt for a simple work-appropriate dress and keep a light jacket, cardigan or finer wrap ready for the office environment.  Keep your colour palette on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Choosing a wider leg trouser style is also a great option which can be paired with heels, a flatter pump or smarter trainer.

A short sleeve silk or cotton blouse can look equally stylish with a skirt of your choosing.  The look can be brightened up with footwear and minimal jewellery.

Still need to wear a jacket?  Opt for an unlined jacket which reduces one extra later.

Dressing for Summer

Photo credit: Birkenstock Arizona Vegan Birko-Flor in Light Rose

Footloose and fancy free

Keeping your feet cool and comfortable is essential in the warmer weather.  Opt for a stylish pair of open toe slides, wedges or some Birkenstocks which are available in a wonderful array of colours.  Choosing a neutral tone ensures they offer more outfit flexibility.

Keep your make-up light and natural

Instead of a heavier foundation choose instead a tinted moisturiser that tends not to crease when the temperatures rise.  Change up a darker lip colour for a paler shade or a tinted lip gloss or balm.

Replace your black eye liner or mascara with a softer shade – brown is a great alternative for all skin tones.

Dressing for Summer

Tie a scarf around your handbag for a stylish twist

And to top it off…

A hat will keep the sun off your face and neck but having a small scarf with you to tie your hair up is a helpful addition for your bag – try tying onto your bag for an extra stylish twist?

Drink plenty of water

It’s important that you keep your fluid intake up especially during the hotter months.  Try drinking from a nicer glass or keeping a water bottle on your desk to top you up.


Take a look here for some current styling ideas.

Enjoyed this article?  I’d be happy if you were to comment below or share with your friends.

If however, you would like to arrange a discovery call and receive one to one guidance, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a cool and stylish Summer.

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

Colours . Clothes. Confidence

May 31, 2021


I have long been an advocate that our clothing is powerful!  We know that wearing clothes that fit and flatter can lead to enhanced self-esteem and confidence.   So, do clothes enhance our personal brand?

Remember wearing an outfit that made you feel like a $Million?  You felt amazing, invincible maybe?  It's as if you can take on the world?  That’s what I’m talking about, clothes that support you and make you feel like a better version of yourself.

When also aligned with our lifestyle and personality our clothes have the power to elevate our status and empower us.

Whether you appreciate it or not, you have a Personal Brand.  A personal brand is all about YOU.    How you promote yourself.  It’s your unique combination of skills, expertise, personality and how you show up.

We all make judgements based on appearance.  Anyone like to hazard a guess as to the length of time it takes to create a first impression?

According to Forbes….just 7 seconds.  Seven seconds to create a favourable impression that can open doors and opportunities for us.   It's well worth making the effort.

It’s just as well that our personal brand allows us to differentiate ourselves from others and enhance our credibility.  That’s why I am a great believer that wearing clothes that work for us enables us to present ourselves in an authentic way.  Our clothing is an extension of us and a major communication tool in creating that positive first impression.

Let me guide you to developing a positive personal brand through your clothes.

Define how you wish to be perceived

This will differ for us all, so think about the way you wish to make an impact in the form of a mantra.   I suggest thinking about this as a form of words – 3 is a good place to begin.  What sums up your brand?

Linking this mantra to the way we dress, helps to focus our mind on our aspirations and goals.  It helps us define the image we wish to create with our clothes each day.

Choose Flexible Pieces that reflect you and your brand

Using your style mantra is a valuable way to identify clothes that really express your qualities.

Once we identify a style that reflects our brand, our clothing choices become far easier, we become more discerning and learn to select more successfully.

Choose current ‘trends’ with care – just because a garment is ‘on-trend’ does not mean that it will suit us all.  Choosing carefully also ensures that the garment will mix and match with others in our wardrobes and maximises our choices.

If you have not yet identified a style that resonates with you, consider putting together a Pinterest ‘look book’ to inspire you.

What is appropriate for your Industry?

Our clothes should be congruent with our industry, our profession and the role we hold.  They should serve to enhance our credibility.

For example, anyone working within a creative environment can express themselves more flamboyantly in their dressing style.  In fact, it is almost expected.

Consider your life journey so far – the lengths you have taken to reach your current position.  You’ve studied hard at College or University, you’re progressing up the career ladder perhaps you have an MBA under your belt.   Ask yourself if your clothes reflect the time and effort that you have taken?

Do clothes enhance our personal brand?

A well-organised wardrobe helps you see your choices at a glance

Plan your wardrobe and get organised

Your wardrobe holds the secrets to dressing successfully and feeling good.  A well-organised wardrobe makes dressing so much easier.  Take some time to organise your wardrobe and as a guide, pairing similar colours together and by category (blouses, skirts or trousers for example) works well.

It enables you to see your choices at a glance.

Consider laying your clothes out the night before leaving you time in the morning to plan for your day ahead.  It also allows you time to take action on a missing button or a toothpaste stain.

Do clothes enhance our personal brand?

Ensure your nails are well-groomed.

Personal Grooming

Never underestimate the value of our personal grooming and the attention we pay to the small details.  Our hair, our nails and accessories (for men and women) all add up to our overall brand.

A chipped nail, a frayed cuff a missing button are all elements that may give us cause for discomfort.  Noticing it in yourself may cause you to hang back, and not fully participate for fear of being noticed in a negative way.


The small details matter.

Need some help?  Use an Image Consultant to help you

Are our clothes going the change the world?  No of course not but your image impacts the way you feel about yourself and how others communicate and interact with you.

So do clothes enhance our personal brand?  In my opinion, yes!  We can carry ourselves differently and even walk taller knowing that we are dressing to our strengths.

Don’t be afraid to seek the support of an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist who can help you focus on your ‘Presence’ - the impact you are making through your clothing.

Take a moment to consider how you wish to present yourself.  Does your appearance tell the story you wish people to see?

If you wish to align your personal style with your business brand and require some professional support, reserve a complimentary DISCOVERY SESSION with me NOW!

Thank you!

Jackie Crawford


April 30, 2021


What is a Personal Brand and how does it add value to the way we are perceived?

Essentially, our Personal Brand provides potential clients with a feel about who we are.

There are many contributors to a personal brand but the work I share relates to the way we 'show up'.

The clothes we wear speak volumes so our image is a crucial element that can open doors and opportunities for us and elevates our status.

If you would like to learn more about the value of our Personal Brand and how I could help you, i'd love to hear from you.  Investing in ourselves and our Personal Brand is once of the greatest ROI (Return on Investment)  we can make.

More guidance to follow.

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788

February 28, 2021


Accessories amplify our personalityACCESSORIES AMPLIFY OUR PERSONALITY

Anything we choose to put on our bodies is a form of self-expression and so whatever we choose to wear, we are using our clothes to develop our own style, our personal brand.  In the same way, our accessories amplify our personality.

A carefully chosen accessory adds a different dimension to an outfit creating visual impact.  It's also a way to enhance a certain part of our body - a belt to show off a waist or  a necklace to flatters our neck and decolletage.

When Zoom is making us all 'above the waist visible', our accessories are particularly important right now.

Many things influence the clothes we wear.  It is personal choice and a wonderful form of self-expression don't you think?



Our accessories are a great way to amplify our personality whether for our working or social wardrobes.

What makes us choose our accessories and jewellery, patterns or frills over clean lines or clothing made of natural fabrics?  The answer is that many things contribute to our choices such as our childhoods, the influence of a family member, celebrity and what we may see virtually.   Accessories enhance our personal style.  They elevate an outfit and complete the look.

Think of our accessories as our 'best friend'.  They make us smile, elevate our best bits  and serve to emphasise our personal style and preferences.

The key to successful accessorising is understanding what works for us.  A few good accessories add versatility to our wardrobe so by changing our accessories we extend the life of our clothes giving them a new lease of life if paired differently.

A good start is if we take some time to consider the shapes we prefer, the materials that resonate with us - gold or silver, wood or glass, felt or pearl and if you prefer sparkly or matte and the overall style.  We soon develop a familiar style that feels comfortable for us.

Here are my Top 3 Accessories for 'above the waist' dressing....

A colourful scarf can take your outfit up a notch


A colourful scarf is a great way to take an outfit up a notch whatever the time of year.  It would be a shame to wear them only when the weather is cooler.  Use a finer scarf to protect your shoulders  from the sun or use as a belt on a favourite pair of trousers.  You could also wrap a scarf around the handles of your handbag.  As you can see here, a scarf is a great way to inject colour.  Heaven knows we could all do with a little more colour in our lives now that Spring is emerging.

Accessorise - Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings

Photo credit; Accessorize - Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings


Particularly important now that Zoom or Team meetings are the order of the day.  Great to add interest to plainer clothes and are instantly visible adding an instant 'zing' which can really complement your face shape and enhance your cheekbones if chosen wisely.  Think about your face shape...

Oval Face - can wear most shapes

Round Face - choose earring styles that elongate your face such as drop earrings

Angular - choose diamond, rectangular or sqaure shapes to flatter your face shape

Accessories amplify our personality

Consider adding colour for a bit of fun


Are a great way to make a statement and to enhance your neck and décolletage area.  Long necks look great with chokers whilst shorter necks are flattered by longer layered necklaces.

Rather than gold or silver, consider introducing colour in a necklace.  It adds a bit of fun.




The smallest change to our appearance can have a huge impact so its not about busting your budget.  Spicing up your outfit with a carefully chosen accessory is a great alternative to forking out on an entire new outfit ...a new scarf, handbag or shoes....or how about these...your sunglasses, umbrellas, watches, keyrings, laptop bag, purses, spectacle case and even the spectacles.

Our accessories allows us to repeat the same outfit but give it an entirely different feel!  Our accessories can differentiate us and set us apart.

As we emerge from this Pandemic and start to swap our leisurewear for smarter choices, get into the habit of adding an accessory every day.   As one client said to me recently..."following your advice, I now wear jewellery every day and feel fabulous, thank you".  Our accessories amplify our personality.

Even the smallest of changes can lead to a whole host of positive outcomes.

If you'd like to continue this conversation or would like to learn more about my services, I'd love to hear from you.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

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January 31, 2021


Many of my recent clients have ‘leisurewear fatigue’ and have been keen to reconnect with their personal style.  Perhaps you too are thinking of virtual styling?  Whatever our life stage this can really help put you in control and back on your styling track.

I’m not going to lie to you, I am missing my face to face clients and what we wear does seem a little frivolous in the grand scheme of things.

For about 5 seconds, that’s what I thought but given the unsettling times, I continue to coach my clients about the important role our clothes play in ensuring we  remain focused.  However we spend our time at home, self care and confidence is one of the few things in our power to control.

That is why I have been able to offer some of my styling services virtually.  That means we can work together wherever in the world you are, from the comfort of your own home.

The flexibility of these services is a joy and I endeavour to make each experience as enjoyable as my face to face consultations.  With no commute we can focus on your individual styling needs to fit around your lifestyle and family commitments.

Thinking of Virtual Styling? Get in touch for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.

So how does it work?

Working with an Image Consultant helps you focus on your personal style goals and working virtually is a great way to introduce you to the many benefits.

Before beginning any of my services, we arrange an initial discussion so that I can better understand your needs and goals – your lifestyle, what you love and how you wish to feel.

Perhaps you want advice on building a capsule wardrobe or styling something differently, some advice on elevating an existing outfit or you’d love to create new outfits from those you already have.

Maybe you need guidance on what to look for?  A special occasion or job interview?  I can also put together a bespoke Shopping List to inspire you with different options and new brands.

We then agree on the best service for you.  You may choose from the following four options or I can create a bespoke service just for you.

The Styling Power Hour

This session will power up your wardrobe and get your dressing frustrations answered.  You tell me what you need and I will help whatever your style questions.

Price: £50.00 for the hour

Virtual Personal Style

Classic Wardrobe Personality

A bespoke Pinterest Board to inspire you


Using many visuals we explore your style personality which forms a crucial basis for successful clothing choices.  This is a special session that assesses your body shape and identifies the most flattering shapes and style for your unique characteristics.

Included in this package is a carefully prepared Pinterest Board that outlines some current styles and looks to inspire you forward.

Price: £150.00 for the 2.5 hour session including bespoke Pinterest Board beyond


Image credit Pexels stock photo

Virtual Wardrobe Edit

Making your wardrobe work harder for you is what we achieve here.  Together we can delve into your wardrobe and find out what is working and also edit those ‘orphans’ that remain unworn and unloved at the back of your wardrobe.

We will prune and trim your clothes as we go, creating new outfits combinations from those you already own.

No stone is left un-turned, we also review jewellery and accessories.

Ultimately we create a shopping list of items we feel your wardrobe is missing.

Price: £50.00 per hour minimum 2 hours

Capsule Wardrobe Creation

A flexible capsule wardrobe

Whether you are stuck in a style rut, short of time or you are an existing client looking for a refresh,  this service will flexible selection of clothes or will enhance your existing wardrobe.   Let me help you to develop a cohesive selection of clothes and ‘window shop’ for you along with a bespoke Pinterest Board outlining some current options from a variety of brands.

Once we agree your budget and selection we can arrange a future session to try on your new garments and decide together which pieces you retain.

Price: £50.00 per hour 


If you need some guidance about the best service for you or wish to discuss the pricing options, I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to send me an email for further information or to reserve your complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

Whatever your clothing needs, if you are thinking of virtual styling, let's work on them together.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

Colours . Clothes . Confidence

May 31, 2020


Many of us haven’t actually stopped working throughout this challenging pandemic but as restrictions begin to ease, we will soon be heading back to the workplace.  If you have had some time away from your desk, making the right impression in virtual meetings is something you may need to brush up on.

It’s daunting isn’t it when leisurewear or comfy pyjamas may have been our outfit of choice over recent weeks and months.

We may find ourselves separated to maintain a level of social distancing but connecting, networking, meeting and communicating with clients and colleagues via on-line platforms is here to stay and will certainly remain the key to keeping us healthy and visible whilst working.

Our working clothes do help project credibility but how we feel about ourselves is vitally important and having confidence in our appearance is very powerful stuff even around the home.

With technology making us more visible, it’s worth reminding ourselves that we can become complacent and mistaking our business calls with those within our leisure time.  Let's embrace it, any form of visual connection is a great opportunity to build relationships.

Let me guide you through the basics of looking good in virtual meetings which means you should look the part from the waist up to keep you on the professional track.  Of course this is really dependent upon your role and industry.


Finding the most flattering lighting position is a good start.  Find an area in your home that does not cast shadows on your face. Even lighting that shines toward your face is best.  Always bear in mind what is going on behind you – the plant pot sticking out of your right ear or a chair piled high with clothes does not create the best impression.   Your background should be tidy and do consider what a  virtual background suggests when projecting authenticity is important.

Camera Angle

Making the right impression in virtual meetings

Image showing 'Together with Jackie' welcoming Diane Brown Well-Being Life Coach

Eye-level is good.  Try to ensure that your camera is slightly higher so you are almost looking up to your camera.   Elevating your device rather than looking down to it, is more flattering.

Personal Grooming

In addition to dressing well, there is comfort in taking care of our personal grooming when we are so much more aware of ‘being watched’.  Screens can fade the colour in your face so using a little make-up can introduce some freshness into your face.  A light foundation, mascara and a swipe of lipstick is all that is required!  Remember that we all notice the small details so no nail varnish is better than chipped nail varnish.

Embrace ColourMaking the right impression in virtual meetings

There is no better time to dress yourself happy.  Introducing some colour into your wardrobe (and your environment) is a great way to increase your energy and motivation.  Colour should lift your spirits and is visually appealing when communicating on on-line platforms not forgetting that colourful accessories add impact.

I can't wait to offer face to face consultations again in my home-studio so if you fancy a colour treat when things return to ‘normal’, I’d love to help you identify the colours that make you glow.


With the arrival of the warmer weather, it may be tempting to show a little more flesh.  Keep your necklines professional and endeavour not to show too much skin.  Remember that any discomfort in your clothes can be a distraction.   Avoiding anything too low or too tight is a good solution to looking your best and feeling comfortable.

making the right impression in virtual meetingsJewellery

Does evoke a wonderful sense of happiness from the memories it triggers and has the power to lift a simple outfit to a different level.  Take care that it is not too distracting or noisy.  Bracelets that bang on your desk for example or very large earrings that can detract when they ‘wobble’.  If you've not been wearing a watch during this period, now is a good time.   Keep it simple.

Early meetings

If you happen to be communicating across World time-zones, throwing on a colourful wrap saves some time earlier in the morning!  Being prepared with a simple morning routine also helps by selecting your clothes the night before (your top half at least) and perfecting a quick make-up routine.

I hope this helps you maintain a professional presence but if you need some help via the virtual services I am currently offering, do get in touch.  I’d love to help.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

07494 644788



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