Did you wonder what to wear today?

Be honest what was going through your mind?

It can be a real dilemma when we face our wardrobe for the day ahead?   As we (potentially!) approach the finer weather we are perhaps thinking of a few new wardrobe additions and hopefully pairing up with the items we already own.   Does it still fit?  Does it still suit me?  Is it appropriate for that new role?  Does my ‘bum’ look big and what about my flabby arms?

All this frustration and self-doubt before we have even got dressed!  A whole lot of stress before our day begins but one thing is true.  If we face a wardrobe of uninspiring clothes, how do you imagine that makes us feel throughout the day?  Perhaps you feel a little lacklustre, dull, lifeless and well, uninspiring!

Imagine that if each time we dressed, our clothes felt as if they belonged to us, were part of us and represented who we are?  Our day may have a whole new outcome.  Think about that!

The way we present ourselves, the clothes we wear all help us to feel good about ourselves, help us gain recognition.  This in turn can lead to increased confidence.

It is true also that confident people inspire confidence in others and I am a great advocate that wearing clothes in colours and styles to flatter, we do feel very different about ourselves.

Being comfortable in our clothes gives us one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on our work, our business and our relationships.

In the digital world we now inhabit, our image and the first impression we create happens in the blink of an eye.  A positive image can open doors for us.

If you wondered what to wear today and are tired of not knowing what to wear or your image needs a review, maybe it’s time to get some help and work with someone to develop your personal style?   With specialists to file our tax returns and people to service our cars, it’s not so difficult to imagine that there are people to help YOU present yourself at YOUR very best?

Here are just a few things that working with me can do for YOU?

  • Together we can develop and define a personal brand that is unique to YOU
  • Help YOU develop a wardrobe that suits all of your needs, your lifestyle, your personality, your body shape and your budget.
  • I can Help YOU to maximise the items within your wardrobe and avoid future impulse purchases

My clients report feeling “more confident” and “empowered” about their  personal brand and dressing style.  If you would like to learn more about developing or refining YOUR personal style, I’d love to hear from you.  Do please give me a call if you’d like to chat.  07494 644788

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