I have long been an advocate that our clothing is powerful!  We know that wearing clothes that fit and flatter can lead to enhanced self-esteem and confidence.   So, do clothes enhance our personal brand?

Remember wearing an outfit that made you feel like a $Million?  You felt amazing, invincible maybe?  It’s as if you can take on the world?  That’s what I’m talking about, clothes that support you and make you feel like a better version of yourself.

When also aligned with our lifestyle and personality our clothes have the power to elevate our status and empower us.

Whether you appreciate it or not, you have a Personal Brand.  A personal brand is all about YOU.    How you promote yourself.  It’s your unique combination of skills, expertise, personality and how you show up.

We all make judgements based on appearance.  Anyone like to hazard a guess as to the length of time it takes to create a first impression?

According to Forbes….just 7 seconds.  Seven seconds to create a favourable impression that can open doors and opportunities for us.   It’s well worth making the effort.

It’s just as well that our personal brand allows us to differentiate ourselves from others and enhance our credibility.  That’s why I am a great believer that wearing clothes that work for us enables us to present ourselves in an authentic way.  Our clothing is an extension of us and a major communication tool in creating that positive first impression.

Let me guide you to developing a positive personal brand through your clothes.

Define how you wish to be perceived

This will differ for us all, so think about the way you wish to make an impact in the form of a mantra.   I suggest thinking about this as a form of words – 3 is a good place to begin.  What sums up your brand?

Linking this mantra to the way we dress, helps to focus our mind on our aspirations and goals.  It helps us define the image we wish to create with our clothes each day.

Choose Flexible Pieces that reflect you and your brand

Using your style mantra is a valuable way to identify clothes that really express your qualities.

Once we identify a style that reflects our brand, our clothing choices become far easier, we become more discerning and learn to select more successfully.

Choose current ‘trends’ with care – just because a garment is ‘on-trend’ does not mean that it will suit us all.  Choosing carefully also ensures that the garment will mix and match with others in our wardrobes and maximises our choices.

If you have not yet identified a style that resonates with you, consider putting together a Pinterest ‘look book’ to inspire you.

What is appropriate for your Industry?

Our clothes should be congruent with our industry, our profession and the role we hold.  They should serve to enhance our credibility.

For example, anyone working within a creative environment can express themselves more flamboyantly in their dressing style.  In fact, it is almost expected.

Consider your life journey so far – the lengths you have taken to reach your current position.  You’ve studied hard at College or University, you’re progressing up the career ladder perhaps you have an MBA under your belt.   Ask yourself if your clothes reflect the time and effort that you have taken?

Do clothes enhance our personal brand?

A well-organised wardrobe helps you see your choices at a glance

Plan your wardrobe and get organised

Your wardrobe holds the secrets to dressing successfully and feeling good.  A well-organised wardrobe makes dressing so much easier.  Take some time to organise your wardrobe and as a guide, pairing similar colours together and by category (blouses, skirts or trousers for example) works well.

It enables you to see your choices at a glance.

Consider laying your clothes out the night before leaving you time in the morning to plan for your day ahead.  It also allows you time to take action on a missing button or a toothpaste stain.

Do clothes enhance our personal brand?

Ensure your nails are well-groomed.

Personal Grooming

Never underestimate the value of our personal grooming and the attention we pay to the small details.  Our hair, our nails and accessories (for men and women) all add up to our overall brand.

A chipped nail, a frayed cuff a missing button are all elements that may give us cause for discomfort.  Noticing it in yourself may cause you to hang back, and not fully participate for fear of being noticed in a negative way.


The small details matter.

Need some help?  Use an Image Consultant to help you

Are our clothes going the change the world?  No of course not but your image impacts the way you feel about yourself and how others communicate and interact with you.

So do clothes enhance our personal brand?  In my opinion, yes!  We can carry ourselves differently and even walk taller knowing that we are dressing to our strengths.

Don’t be afraid to seek the support of an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist who can help you focus on your ‘Presence’ – the impact you are making through your clothing.

Take a moment to consider how you wish to present yourself.  Does your appearance tell the story you wish people to see?

If you wish to align your personal style with your business brand and require some professional support, reserve a complimentary DISCOVERY SESSION with me NOW!

Thank you!

Jackie Crawford