Opening our wardrobe should be a positive experience but how often is this the case?  When I ask “does your wardrobe bring your joy?” most women respond with “never”, “negative”, “depressing”.

How then are we supposed to feel motivated, energised, professional or happy for the day, week or year ahead if we begin our day feeling downbeat?  Does your wardrobe bring you joy?

How often do you open your wardrobe doors and feel inspired?  I firmly believe that we can really love each item in our wardrobe and each day should begin with positivity and confidence to face whatever our day may throw at us.

The fact is that we are creatures of habit and stick to what we know and what feels comfortable whatever our age.  We get stuck in rut and navigating through colours, styles and fashion trends can be challenging.

Does this sound like you?  If so, are you ready to face your wardrobe challenges head-on and re-invigorate your wardrobe and the way it makes you feel?

Let me help.  Here are some of my top-tips to getting more joy from your wardrobe as we begin to think of the new season ahead.

Dig Deep into your wardrobe…

Pull out the items you know no longer fit….(we all have them right?) the chances are they never will and each time we see them is a reminder that we haven’t lost the weight.   Gift them to a friend or the charity shop so someone else can enjoy them.  Or if you experience weight fluctuation, you may choose to store them elsewhere (and out of regular sight) until such time when they may fit again.

As we tend to wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time, get creative and delve further into your wardrobe.  The chances are that you will find a gem or two!  Make a conscious effort to wear them with something you do wear.  Ta Dah!  You’ve created at least another ‘new’ outfit and it hasn’t cost you a penny.



If you lack inspiration, look to your favourite stores, Instagram or fashion magazines to get some ideas.



Inject some colour…

Many women (certainly those working in a more formal corporate environment) remain in their comfort zone of suits/dresses in black, navy and gray which all seem a little predictable.  Don’t feel you have to stick to these conformist colours  to remain professional but instead pair them with fuchsia pink or emerald green and liven up your working look.

Few of us have the resource to look like a catwalk model but clothing in colours and styles that flatter individual characteristics, can help to increase both confidence and self-esteem.

You may wish to seek further seasonal inspiration from The Pantone Institute  – The International authority on colour. )  In addition to the Colour of the Year (which you may already know is Living Coral for 2019), they create a Fashion Colour Trend report – colours that Fashion Designers feature within their collections.  These in turn filter into our high street brands so you should be seeing some of these colours already.  Why not try a few garments on in some of these new season colours and see how they make you feel?   Colour is such a visual phenomenon that can lift your look and support your mental well-being.

If you would like to learn about the best colours  for you, I’m just a phone call away but here is the link to my Colour Analysis Experience.

Use Accessories

As dress-codes become more casual in the workplace, it has become easier to inject some personality into your look with accessories – rather than the silver or gold chain you regularly wear, try a brighter colour in some costume jewellery, a contrasting pair of heels or ‘posh’ trainers or a different handbag – all of which you may already have found in the depths of your wardrobe!

* Shoes by DL Sport

Maybe it is time for something new?..

I often speak about the ‘wardrobe staples’ – those flexible pieces that work hard for us, that keep on giving and in which we feel great.  For you maybe it’s a leather jacket, a favourite shirt or cashmere jumper.

In taking the time to root through your clothes, maybe you need to say ‘hello’ to a new ‘hero piece’- a wardrobe stealing item that adds interest and excitement to your wardrobe.  Bear in mind, it does not need to cost the earth.  Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life and joy into your wardrobe.

  • Try some new boots that can be paired with a dress, skirt or jeans
  • A new dress that works with your leather or denim jacket
  • An on-trend Trench in a more vibrant colour

Believe me when I say that whatever our roles and positions, our clothes need to support us, inspire us and spark joy, or else what’s the point?

Think of your clothes as an investment in your personal brand, if we don’t invest in ourselves, why should others?  Remember, your wardrobe should bring you joy!

Do let me know if these pointers help you.  If however you remain at a loss with the colours and styles that are perfect for you and you need guidance on successful dressing for your professional or social wardrobe, then please get in touch by phone on 07494 644788 or visit my website.

*main feature image courtesy of Becca Mcaffie – Unsplash