Many of our experiences and emerging consumer trends during Lockdown will change the way we view many things moving forward. I wonder, are we dressing differently after Lockdown?  A new outlook on fashion and style will inevitably emerge.

Will we continue our love for the comfort and simplicity of lounge wear or will we desperately wish to dress-up more and seek different and more sustainable brands?  It’s going to be a really interesting time and not just for the fashion industry.  This pandemic has altered the way we live our lives and certain elements may change indefinitely.


I think our dressing approach has fundamentally changed the way we dress with leisurewear, PJ’s and even dressing gowns forming the basis of our ‘capsule’ wardrobe.  With more time on our hands to focus on our health, comfort has been key.  I believe that this experience has created a greater need for flexibility in our clothing choices.  Clothes that allow us to exercise in but equally pop to the shops or show-up on a Zoom call.  There’s no doubt that technology has made us more visible but that said, we still remain the faces of our business.


It was interesting to learn that many women were opting to avoid wearing a bra!  I totally ‘get’ that women feel liberated and ‘free’ by not wearing one but I remain loyal to my underwires….

Throughout the whole Lockdown period, I spoke often about maintaining a level of self care through our grooming and dressing routine and undoubtedly, our lingerie plays an important part to our well-being.

With sustainability an integral element of their Lingerie and Bodywear, I personally love ethical brand Mey

They offer a fabulous range of beautiful and practical pieces.


Are we dressing differently after lockdown?

A reminder to buy only what we need to replace

Many of us will have taken the time to review our wardrobes realising that there are items lurking at the back, unworn.  Time perhaps to alter our consumer habits and shop in a more considered way, selecting our new items more mindfully?  A reminder to buy only what we need to replace and what we love.

There has always been real value in choosing pieces that are timeless and offer longevity.  Garments with both ethical and sustainable credentials will appeal for this very reason, they last longer and are kinder to our environment and those employed in the garment industry.

Are we dressing differently after Lockdown?  As we begin to emerge and venture further afield to enjoy evenings-out and holidays, I believe we will want to revert to ‘getting our glad rags on’ once again.  Any excuse to make an effort when we meet up with friends and family again. I’d love to hear your thoughts too, do feel free to leave a comment below.

I am a huge advocate that the way we dress and how we feel are inextricably linked.  In the same way that our working clothes should project credibility, the clothes we wear at home can also help us feel good about ourselves.

Of course, our clothes should be a reflection of ourselves, our personal brand and wearing what feels good creates comfort, confidence and authenticity.  Above all though, the way we dress is something that we can each control and hopefully with a new appreciation of where it has come from.

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