There are still many of us coming to terms with a post-pandemic dressing routine but perhaps dressing for Summer may give you the incentive to get back on track? Having spent more than a year in clothes that made us feel comfortable, many of my clients have become stuck in a styling rut.

Now that we can return to our local high street once again, Summer could be the butt-kick we need to add some new pieces to our wardrobe.  Pieces that work for you that you can reach for year after year.

It’s not about the latest trends but about the key elements you need to consider.   Needless to say that anything with tight waistbands should be avoided!

We all realise that future Summer’s are likely to become a whole lot hotter!   Since successful Summer dressing is all about staying cool, how do we maintain a stylish look?  Read on for some guidance on Dressing for Summer over the coming weeks.

Natural Fabrics

First up, choose natural fibres that breathe more easily such as cotton, linen (watch out for the creasing mind), silk, chambray (a plain weave fabric) or a loose Jersey.

If you do happen to sweat, natural fabrics will dry faster.

It’s worth noting that Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon may cause you to sweat more.  Clothes that stick to our bodies is not a good look!

For those of you able to make your own clothes, check out Sewsocialising (an independent fabric shop and sewing studio in York) who have a great range of Summer fabrics and also offer a mail-order service too!

Choose some paler shades

We associate lighter colours with a Summer vibe so choosing some pastels and paler shades will reflect the light and keep you cooler.    It’s a great way to switch around the darker clothes in the wardrobe.

Layering is key

Think about using layers to add interest or to regulate your temperature particularly if  you are out and about.  Take a large but fine scarf with you to wrap over your shoulders.  This will protect you from the sun but also acts as a further layer if the temperature cools.  Alternatively an oversize shirt is also a good option to slip over a simple tee.

In a working environment, having a light jacket close at hand is always useful.

Loose and Floaty

Clothing with a looser silhouette is a good staple for your Summer wardrobe as it allows air to flow easily around your body.  Anything too fitted could make you feel a little sticky in the heat.

If you prefer a little shape, you could always cinch the waist using a softer style belt or a scarf for a belt.

Add a splash of Colour above your waist

If you are still working from home and Zoom remains your mode of communication, choose more interesting basics in your tops that have interest built in rather than a single plain colour.  You can keep that for your bottoms.

Back in the office?  Add a splash of colour anyway!

Anyone for a jumpsuit?

An alternative cooler option to your usual top and bottoms.  There are some great styles this season so choose wisely for your body shape…

Straight leg styles work for a straighter body shape

Wide Leg styles work for those with a curvy body shape

If you are short, opt for a full length trouser rather than the cropped styles that visually reduce your height.  I cover this and more within my pampering and informative Personal Styling consultation. 

Add a hoodie to a simple Summer dress

Dresses are cooler

Wearing dresses is a great strategy as there is nothing complicated to combine and then if you need to add a layer (heading onto a zoom or meeting a client) you can slip on a Kimono, fine knit vest top or depending upon the style, a hoodie – see image.

Think also about a shirt dress that will still feel loose but flattering and with the vertical button detailing, will make you look taller!  There’s a ‘win’ right there!

The longer style hemlines don’t work for all proportions so remember not to end the hemline on the widest point of your leg.

Wardrobe Basics

If we also consider transitional dressing, we can add a longer sleeve tee underneath our Summerwear such as a dress  or blouse for Spring and potentially Autumn wear.

Remaining professional when the temperatures rise

Anyone thinking this is a little trickier during the Summer months?

My advice is to opt for a simple work-appropriate dress and keep a light jacket, cardigan or finer wrap ready for the office environment.  Keep your colour palette on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Choosing a wider leg trouser style is also a great option which can be paired with heels, a flatter pump or smarter trainer.

A short sleeve silk or cotton blouse can look equally stylish with a skirt of your choosing.  The look can be brightened up with footwear and minimal jewellery.

Still need to wear a jacket?  Opt for an unlined jacket which reduces one extra later.

Dressing for Summer

Photo credit: Birkenstock Arizona Vegan Birko-Flor in Light Rose

Footloose and fancy free

Keeping your feet cool and comfortable is essential in the warmer weather.  Opt for a stylish pair of open toe slides, wedges or some Birkenstocks which are available in a wonderful array of colours.  Choosing a neutral tone ensures they offer more outfit flexibility.

Keep your make-up light and natural

Instead of a heavier foundation choose instead a tinted moisturiser that tends not to crease when the temperatures rise.  Change up a darker lip colour for a paler shade or a tinted lip gloss or balm.

Replace your black eye liner or mascara with a softer shade – brown is a great alternative for all skin tones.

Dressing for Summer

Tie a scarf around your handbag for a stylish twist

And to top it off…

A hat will keep the sun off your face and neck but having a small scarf with you to tie your hair up is a helpful addition for your bag – try tying onto your bag for an extra stylish twist?

Drink plenty of water

It’s important that you keep your fluid intake up especially during the hotter months.  Try drinking from a nicer glass or keeping a water bottle on your desk to top you up.


Take a look here for some current styling ideas.

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Wishing you a cool and stylish Summer.

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