There are few women that when I first meet them, are perfectly comfortable with their bodies and how to dress them. That is why women engage my support, to understand what fits and flatters them helping them to feel great about themselves.  Wouldn’t you like to be your best you?

That is what I do!  I help women to define and develop their individual style and personal brand through the colours and clothing styles that work just for them.  We take into account their natural characteristics, lifestyle, life stage and of course, personal preferences.  Any positive change can be daunting but the results in taking control of your image and personal style can be life-changing.  A more positive image can support our careers, a return to the working scene, our social environments or a new partner.

Many things influence the clothes we choose to wear, our childhoods, our Mother’s, our peers, celebrities and of course our personal preferences.   When we understand what suits us and we curate our own style, it becomes easier to make more confident and successful clothing decisions.

Imagine being able to confidently express ourselves through our clothes and through a wardrobe that we love to open every day.

For some it is not an easy journey and we are plagued by our mind-set that can create a seemingly immovable block that prevents us from embracing our new approach. Seeing ourselves in a different light, maybe feeling uncomfortable that we might now be noticed, showing off parts that have long remained hidden – all can make us feel uncomfortable; along with beliefs about how we should look, what suits us, what people might think and the dreaded inner critic all have a part to play in holding us back.

Photo credit Olivia BrabbsThis was the motivation for working with Personal Performance Coach Andrea Morrison who has a wealth of experience in working with women who face these challenges and to create a unique event, a workshop that enabled us to support women with their dressing confidence on the inside and out!

I am delighted therefore that York Fashion Week encourages such diverse collaboration and so when, once again, we had the opportunity of teaming up, I jumped at the chance.   Together we bring your Empower Your Fashion – Be Your Best You!  Building on our success of last year’s event we are bringing an opportunity to gain valuable insights, tailored to you within an intimate group of 10 women, allowing you to embrace a more authentic and congruent you!

Photo credit Olivia Brabbs

During the Workshop, I shall be sharing my expertise in personal styling and helping you to create a look that is just right for you.  I will help you understand colours, garment shape and style and Andrea will be exploring with you your clothing story, what is holding you back, getting in your way, leaving you inspired, confident and motivated to embrace the real you! It’s a winning combination leaving your fashion completely Empowered!

We do hope to see you there!

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