Whether you are adjusting to new ‘home working’ practices or purely at home out of recent necessity, we are all spending much more time at home so it’s really important to build a new routine and feel good in our environment.  So how to feel great working from home?

Let me be the guide to your ‘new normal’ and how you may improve your mood and well-being through the way you ‘show up’ and present yourself.  It is part of caring for yourself and is empowering – after all pyjamas will soon lose their all-day appeal!

Maintain a Routine and take time to dress well

It will be easy to float around the house without purpose.  Time becomes elastic, so developing and maintaining a daily plan is a good start and supports our mental health and well-being.   A key part of this is incorporating a dressing and grooming routine that makes you feel good about yourself just as if you were leaving the house to visit friends or going to work.   Oh joy; just imagine the time you may be saving from your morning commute!

The clothes we wear at home can help us feel good about ourselves

In the same way that our working clothes project credibility, the clothes we wear at home can also help us feel good about ourselves and wearing clothes in colours and styles that flatter can help to enhance our confidence.   Yes, it’s true, if we find ourselves newly-working in a home environment our clothes can empower us helping to elevate our well-being leading to a host of positives.

I am a huge advocate of how we dress and how we feel are inextricably linked.   I believe there’s an overlooked psychological element at play here.  Remember if we ‘look good we feel good’?

How about you build some variety into your days?  Since staying in is now largely the new going out, why not make the extra effort to dress up at weekends.  I guess that you have one or two items in your wardrobe that each time you wear them, make you feel special?   So don’t hide them away – inject some style into your weekends.

Exercise and Self-Care

In addition to dressing well there is comfort in taking care of our personal grooming and perhaps a little pamper?  Feeling refreshed just gives us all a boost!  Spring is here, so enjoy opening those windows, listen to the birdsong and breathe in that fresh air whilst you make some regular time for yourself.  A relaxing bath with some pampering products, a face-pack perhaps, take care of your nails or enjoy some Pilates and Yoga exercise or a lovely walk.

ClockFace Beauty Products from Soul Organic, York

I love York store Soul Organic who specialise in Green Beauty and well-being products that are Natural, Organic and Vegan.  All products are made in the UK and many from Yorkshire.

Think about a swipe of lipstick – so much more than a beauty product and a great way of expressing ourselves.  It offers instant impact to your face and enhances everything we choose to wear.  It’s also the quickest and most economical way to look ‘put together’ and you’ll feel great.  Don’t forget to add a swipe each day!

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

When we fling open those doors we should face a wardrobe of clothes that we love.  A wardrobe that brings us joy can create a positive mind-set and shapes our day ahead.

Image credit Pexels

You may have fallen out of love with some of the items in your wardrobe so you can de-clutter – preferably donating to charity or a fortunate friend.  This ensures that your wardrobe contains items that you love to wear and give you joy.  In itself, this is a positive and reaffirming process.

Decide which of those left will suit your new regime and if needs be, arrange into easily accessible sections your working, smart casual and leisure clothes. You can also build a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of versatile mix and match pieces that simplify your dressing routine.

Embrace Colour

Colour is one of my favourite subjects and wearing colour has a positive effect on the way we feel and its effects can be transformational.   Don’t be afraid to inject some colour and get creative.  Take a peek if you wish to learn more about my Colour Analysis service.

How to feel great working from home

Jewellery is a great way to add personality to an outfit

It’s not uncommon to discover in our wardrobes, a selection of neutrals such as black, white and navy but they liven up with the addition of a bolder blouse, jumper or jacket. You may simply opt to add interest using jewellery or a statement scarf over the cooler months, or an oversized scarf to a finer scarf in the warmer months tied around your neck or even your wrist.  The wearing of jewellery does evoke a wonderful sense of happiness from the memories it triggers, but can also lift a simple outfit to a different level.  It’s a great way of expressing your personality.



How we feel about ourselves is vitally important and having confidence in our appearance is very powerful stuff even around the home!

Introducing some colour into your wardrobe (and your environment) is a great way to increase your energy and motivation.  It should lift your spirits and is visually appealing when communicating on on-line platforms not forgetting that colourful accessories add impact.

When technology makes us visible

Our friends, family or working colleagues want to know you are well or best representing your businesses.  So, our image remains important.

Photo Credit Pexels

In addition, from a working perspective we are then ready for the Zoom, Skype, or Video Chat that inevitably occurs (and isn’t it always when we least expect it!) but do bear in mind what is going on behind you – that plant pot sticking out of your right ear or chair piled high with clothes.

Using positive body language is our friend here – consider our facial expressions, posture and attitude. They really contribute to a favourable impression and of course, don’t forget to smile  because your face lights up.


Whether you are simply spending more time at home or working remotely the future may be challenging for many of us, but I believe we can use the opportunity to use the positivity of colour, personal style and perhaps a little pampering to make things a little better until such time as ‘normal’ service is resumed!

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant