OK I get it!  For many of us, black is a ‘wardrobe staple’ that comes out for many an occasion and not just limited to the occasional sombre event.  But, is black the best colour for you?

Since we are in the throes of Halloween celebrations and given the imminent LBD (Little Black Dress) Christmas party season, black is an appropriate colour on which to focus – the colour we associate with power, elegance, formality, death, evil and mystery.

Could it be that it is also perceived as classy, sophisticated and simple to wear?  It can be slimming and looks absolutely fabulous on many skins – particularly those with Deep or Bright Colouring, but dare I say it…..it can be a little boring and perhaps one-dimensional when not teemed-up with an alternative colour?

Consider the spectrum of colours on offer throughout our shops all year long and yet black continues to reign supreme within our own wardrobes and on the high street, particularly at this time of year.

It is a fact that the colours we wear can influence our own appearance and how we are perceived by others.  I wonder how many of your friends and colleagues are wearing black or shades of black right now?  I would hazard a guess that within a business environment, most will be although appreciate there are business sectors that require it.

If black is your go-to colour, giving it up entirely may be a ‘big-ask’.  Might you consider it however if you knew that black can appear harsh on softer skin tones making us look sallow, unwell and drained of colour?  I have found that fine lines, wrinkles and the dark shadows under our eyes can look more prominent.  If this could be you, perhaps it is time for you to find a more youthful and flattering alternative such as Charcoal Grey or Navy Blue.

You may be pleasantly surprised and instead look younger, healthier and more vibrant – all characteristics we yearn for as we leave our 40’s and 50’s behind!

Try it!  Get creative, try some other colours and see if black is the best colour for you afterall.

If however the thought of casting black aside is too much for you to bear, here are 6 simple style tips on wearing black:

  • Consider the fabric and vary the textures. A lighter weight and floaty fabric can reflect the light and is much more forgiving on paler skins than a denser thicker fabric
  • A solid or dense black garment is less easy to wear than a softer charcoal for example
  • Since black can be deemed to have a slimming effect, take advantage of this and wear clothing that is more fitted and figure flattering rather than a shapeless piece
  • Make sure the fabric is season-appropriate. A wool dress is great for Autumn and Winter but out of place in the warmer months when silks and linens are easier to wear
  • Add some interest to black using accessories.  Colourful jewellery will draw attention to your face but try a coloured clutch, fine silk scarf or killer heels in a statement colour  – for this season try red or a metallic tone
  • IMG_1742 (1)It is the quickest way to look ‘put-together’ so changing your lip colour will always add some instant impact to your face and enhances your outfit. A LBD for example can transition from day (using a paler more neutral lip colour) to evening (where you can be bolder and glossier) with little effort.

If you are still not sure if black is the best colour for you, you can always call me for a chat on 07494 644788 or book me for a Colour Analysis consultation and I can shed some light onto the colours that will really help you shine and look great!

Jackie Crawford

Independent Image Consultant

Colours . Clothes . Confidence