Thank you so much for your time yesterday Jackie.  As blessed as I traditionally am with words, I am genuinely struggling to find the words to articulate both the peace of mind and simultaneously the energy you gifted me with yesterday.

Today, I have dressed with purpose. This is a gift from you, a newborn love affair with both my own aging body and my choices in dressing this newly discovered striking body.

I am super excited to seeing where our journey takes us. I completely accept we may meander slowly rather than chase an immediate destination, however I am energised about this new adventure and looking forward to all the learnings ahead.

Thank you!!!

Ciara McCabe

January 2020

Jackie is truly amazing!  Her knowledge and expertise teams with her encouraging, gentle and sunny personality makes for a winning combination.  Jackie is so supportive and really makes everything fun.  I booked to see Jackie initially for Colour Analysis knowing I needed a make-over after raising a family and life had taken it’s toll.  I was not in the best of places and was feeling very anxious.  The entire experience was totally uplifting and fun as Jackie showed me, not only that I was still ‘there’, but also how to shine!  I returned for Personal Style, taking with me years of hang-ups and anxieties and once again, Jackie led me in her very expert and gentle way to who I was and most importantly….how to see it for myself!

I feel I have found myself again, so a massive thank you Jackie!  Colours, Clothes, Confidence really does say it all!


Thank you for a wonderful pampering Colour session.  You made me feel very welcome, comfortable, safe and indulged.  The insights were surprising and fascinating!  I am very much looking forward to enjoying my forthcoming Personal Styling session.   Thank you!

July 2020


After years of buying no clothes and after a bumpy year and 10 years of Motherhood wanted a boost!  I needed to learn exactly what suited me….spending time with Jackie has been an early Christmas present to myself.  Jackie has helped to guide me with clothing colours, new clothing shapes and has boosted my self confidence.  You are amazing Jackie and your enthusiasm is infectious too.  You services are far more reaching than ‘just clothes’.  Our image is a powerful thing and you have made a huge difference to me.  The way you treat your clients adds to that magic!  Thank you so much.

Debbie T

What an enjoyable and colourful experience.  Jackie is very encouraging and helpful in supporting you to step out of your comfort zone.  A ‘must d0’ for anyone unsure of their colours or just in need of a new direction.  Thank you for a fabulous day Jackie.

Vicky H

Jackie, thank you for a wonderful, pampering styling session.  You made me feel very welcome, comfortable, safe and indulged.  Your insights were surprising and fascinating!  Very much looking forward to seeing you again.

Carol W

Thank you Jackie for our wonderful Mum and Daughter day.  It was a fabulous experience from start to finish.  The whole process was enjoyable and very enlightening and I leave with confidence and enthusiasm for the future having just celebrated my 70th Birthday!  Thank you.

Kate M

Thank you for this morning’s Wardrobe Edit Jackie.  I was less emotional about the process and as the day went on, more ruthless about sticking to your guidance as to what I need going forward.  I’m definitely embracing more colour combinations and pleased that we discovered more clothing pairings and therefore saving more pieces than I expected from what I already have.   I will continue to stick to what we have agreed in terms of colour, style and how I wish my clothes help me to feel.  I look forward to seeing how my wardrobe progresses over the coming year!  Thank you Jackie.

Ellie S

Jackie, I have enjoyed a wonderful transformational day.  I arrived exhausted, rather washed out and a little wary!  No reason to be.  You create a superbly calm, co-operative and non-critical space and gently push the boundaries of long held beliefs.  Downsides, I think most of my black needs to go!  On the plus side, I have a brilliant range of colours to choose from and I can see how they really do flatter and work for me.  Also a range of new shapes and styles have opened up for me.  Consumately, professional, good natured AND truly supportive.  THANK YOU!

Anna S

Thank you so much Jackie.  Tranformational!

Who would have thought that there were so many different colours and that the ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ shades made such a difference!  Whilst I knew that black was not ‘helping’ me; it features in much of my wardrobe……comfort thing I think!  Also glad to have some completely new colours that now look amazing, but that I would never have previously considered.  Thank you again.

Ros J

She was very helpful and patient throughout the interesting process in determining ‘my colours’ and Wow!  What a difference the newly identified colours made!  I am a Bright Warm!

I would love to change everything in my wardrobe in one go however knowing  which colours enhance and work to best effect for me has allowed me to combine them into my existing (and darker) wardrobe of which I can ‘wear up’ on my bottom half!  It is a realistic way to move towards wearing more cheerful colours which, in the interim, has improved how I look and feel about myself.

Jackie also suggested how scarves and jewellery can help the colours blend more easily in my transition to a more fully coordinated wardrobe.

I am gradually becoming more adventurous as I shop for clothing…it has become easier knowing you can scan the stores for ‘my colours’.

The Make-up experience was also a very pleasant and enlightening experience and am now using the techniques taught.  Thanks Jackie, You are an inspiration.

Debbie C

The session has been really helpful and I have left with a sense of clarity over colour choices going forwards.  I definitely feel that I now have the tools at my disposal to make the right clothing choices in order that I look my absolute best.  Many thanks!

Jacqui K

I came to find my true authentic style and I found just that! Knowing my colours and the style of clothes that suit me will make putting together my style so much easier and enjoyable. Jackie has given me a sense of direction, purpose and confidence. Thank you!

Sophie C.

Your professional, friendly guidance, explanations and confidence boosting approach has changed my perception of how colour can impact each of us.

Thank you again. I think it would be fair to say that I leave your house a changed woman!

My wardrobe will never be the same again.

Sharon J

I have been getting my colours wrong for years but that is about to change! It has been lovely spending time with you and I have been made to feel really comfortable and welcome.

Thank you

Caroline A

Having this guidance on the right colours for me will be really useful in projecting myself in my role.

Thank you.

Jan G

I needn’t of worried however as Jackie is so professional, friendly and helpful. From the first email correspondence, I could see exactly what was going to be involved. I received such a warm welcome when I arrived and she made me feel so at ease. 

The session never felt rushed and we covered all the different colours that suited my hair and skin tone. She also continued the session to cover makeup and the colours that would best work for me. With this information I could see how easily I could combine these colours into my existing wardrobe and shopping with the Colour Swatch means I can select clothing in the colours I now know will enhance my ‘look’.

It’s a great investment for anyone looking for some help in this area so I say choose Jackie Crawford.

Jen C

Hence I went to see Jackie and spent a very enlightening afternoon with her going through the process of working out which colours suit me now and which don’t so much. Interestingly some of my core colours are the same but several have changed and make me look older so I am thrilled I now know which ones to avoid and which to wear to make me look younger.  I also have some new colours to add to my repertoire which I’m excited about. Jackie has a great understanding of colour as well as invaluable advice on how your colour combinations work in different situations; such as when I give a talk or presentation and need an air of authority and gravitas. She takes you on a fascinating journey of discovering which colours really work for you. Since buying a couple of items in my new colours I’ve been told I look younger and a friend even asked me if I’d had some work done… this was definitely money well spent.

Sarah H

What a fantastic day in wonderful surroundings and in expert hands. I can’t believe how quickly the day has gone.

The colour and image profiling have been brilliant experiences. It has been a totally relaxing and most enjoyable day…one that will hopefully transform my approach to styling and will help empower me further.

Your knowledge and skill alongside your fabulously warm and engaging approach has enabled me to understand my body shape more effectively and this will help me to confidently attire myself for any occasion – business or pleasure!

I can’t wait to go shopping now for Will’s wedding!

Thank you Jackie for a great day.

Jane F

Thank you very much Jackie!  I have had a wonderful time and really appreciated the care and thoughtfulness you put into the session.  It was so informative as the colours came to life and I could see the benefits of flattering colours instantly!

I love my new colours and feel excited and energised about putting colours together and gradually adapting my look.  Also the homemade biscuits were delicious and very welcome!  Many thanks again.

Becky D