Those of you who know me will hear me often speaking about the importance of well-fitting under garments and the joy that buying good and lovely lingerie can bring a woman.  Ah, you hear me, you know what I am talking about!

There is a certain feel good factor associated with the purchase and wearing of good lingerie.  Apart from the obvious fact that lingerie can make or break an outfit (yes it’s that important!) it is the basis for your clothing, the foundation that helps your clothing to hang well, it can put you in touch with your feminine side AND as if that is not enough, it creates confidence from the inside knowing that you are feeling supported and gorgeous all day.   It is a topic dear to my heart and one I discuss with all of my clients joining me for personal style analysis.

This may just be a personal thing but when we know our clothing fits well, looking and feeling good is just the thing we need sometimes for that all important inner confidence boost…..and no-one need know why we are smiling all day.  I am an advocate of wearing our nicest lingerie for job interviews, special occasions and for those challenging days where we need something less to think about!  The effect of wearing good supportive lingerie is nothing short of miraculous.

If choosing lingerie is a chore for you, make it fun – it’s a great opportunity for a day out with your girlfriends.  The choice of style and colour can be overwhelming not to mention whether you need underwired, a contoured or soft cup, balcony or plunge.  Needless to say, seamed bras with fuller cups give the best support and speaking from experience, lift and support IS possible in a comfortable and stylish bra.  It is always a good investment to own at least one nude coloured bra in your ‘knicker drawer’ and whilst I agree it is not the sexiest of colours, tops in white, cream and those of a sheer nature, do benefit from the ‘invisible’ effect they create beneath.

If you prefer to reduce the risk of saggy breasts, regardless of your size, do not be tempted to go bra-less.

crop_vitoria_regia_model_back_5However regularly you exercise, ensure your breasts are well supported by a  well-fitting sports bra with the appropriate impact level. Try a bra with a racer  back (shown here right) which reduces the pressure to your shoulders.  The technology applied to active-wear nowadays should also ensure that outer garments offer you a degree of support too.

It’s a fact that higher positioned breasts look more youthful!  You could also check your bra strap adjustments and tighten a little if required bearing in mind that from putting your bra on in the morning you should not give it a second thought.  If it is a good fit for you, it should feel comfortable throughout the day.

If you need any more encouragement to ensure you are looking your best, I would recommend that you head to your nearest lingerie shop for a fitting by a proper bra fitting expert.  It is a good discipline to get re-measured annually as our size can fluctuate and when gravity takes over, we need all the help we can get.

Wearing lovely lingerie helps us to feel beautiful, why would you leave the house without it!

Jackie Crawford

Independent Image Consultant

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