Many of us haven’t actually stopped working throughout this challenging pandemic but as restrictions begin to ease, we will soon be heading back to the workplace.  If you have had some time away from your desk, making the right impression in virtual meetings is something you may need to brush up on.

It’s daunting isn’t it when leisurewear or comfy pyjamas may have been our outfit of choice over recent weeks and months.

We may find ourselves separated to maintain a level of social distancing but connecting, networking, meeting and communicating with clients and colleagues via on-line platforms is here to stay and will certainly remain the key to keeping us healthy and visible whilst working.

Our working clothes do help project credibility but how we feel about ourselves is vitally important and having confidence in our appearance is very powerful stuff even around the home.

With technology making us more visible, it’s worth reminding ourselves that we can become complacent and mistaking our business calls with those within our leisure time.  Let’s embrace it, any form of visual connection is a great opportunity to build relationships.

Let me guide you through the basics of looking good in virtual meetings which means you should look the part from the waist up to keep you on the professional track.  Of course this is really dependent upon your role and industry.


Finding the most flattering lighting position is a good start.  Find an area in your home that does not cast shadows on your face. Even lighting that shines toward your face is best.  Always bear in mind what is going on behind you – the plant pot sticking out of your right ear or a chair piled high with clothes does not create the best impression.   Your background should be tidy and do consider what a  virtual background suggests when projecting authenticity is important.

Camera Angle

Making the right impression in virtual meetings

Image showing ‘Together with Jackie’ welcoming Diane Brown Well-Being Life Coach

Eye-level is good.  Try to ensure that your camera is slightly higher so you are almost looking up to your camera.   Elevating your device rather than looking down to it, is more flattering.

Personal Grooming

In addition to dressing well, there is comfort in taking care of our personal grooming when we are so much more aware of ‘being watched’.  Screens can fade the colour in your face so using a little make-up can introduce some freshness into your face.  A light foundation, mascara and a swipe of lipstick is all that is required!  Remember that we all notice the small details so no nail varnish is better than chipped nail varnish.

Embrace ColourMaking the right impression in virtual meetings

There is no better time to dress yourself happy.  Introducing some colour into your wardrobe (and your environment) is a great way to increase your energy and motivation.  Colour should lift your spirits and is visually appealing when communicating on on-line platforms not forgetting that colourful accessories add impact.

I can’t wait to offer face to face consultations again in my home-studio so if you fancy a colour treat when things return to ‘normal’, I’d love to help you identify the colours that make you glow.


With the arrival of the warmer weather, it may be tempting to show a little more flesh.  Keep your necklines professional and endeavour not to show too much skin.  Remember that any discomfort in your clothes can be a distraction.   Avoiding anything too low or too tight is a good solution to looking your best and feeling comfortable.

making the right impression in virtual meetingsJewellery

Does evoke a wonderful sense of happiness from the memories it triggers and has the power to lift a simple outfit to a different level.  Take care that it is not too distracting or noisy.  Bracelets that bang on your desk for example or very large earrings that can detract when they ‘wobble’.  If you’ve not been wearing a watch during this period, now is a good time.   Keep it simple.

Early meetings

If you happen to be communicating across World time-zones, throwing on a colourful wrap saves some time earlier in the morning!  Being prepared with a simple morning routine also helps by selecting your clothes the night before (your top half at least) and perfecting a quick make-up routine.

I hope this helps you maintain a professional presence but if you need some help via the virtual services I am currently offering, do get in touch.  I’d love to help.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

07494 644788