So here we are in March already having begun the New Year with great anticipation and the optimism of a fresh start.  How is that going for you?

Looking back over the years that whilst rigorously setting a ‘shopping list’ of New Year’s Resolutions, my best intentions to get fit, lose weight, gain promotion, learn a foreign language and pick up my drum sticks once again, have often ‘fallen by the wayside’ by the end of the January!

I wanted to share with you a selection of my previous goals which may help to illustrate how confident I am that your own personal style can support your personal dreams and goals, not just for the year ahead but as I can be regularly heard saying, for the rest of your life.

Dressing for Success

Do you imagine changing jobs or working towards a promotion this year?  You will have heard the old adage “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.  It sounds perfectly obvious but if you are in a ‘job rut’ it is easy to see how we can fail to make an effort when we dress for work.  We are creatures of habit and can tend follow the ‘same old’ mentality particularly now when business dress codes have become more relaxed.  In my opinion, not the best decision to be made.

I am a firm believer that when you have confidence in the way you look, you also feel better about yourself and able to tackle your role with renewed vigour.  This can result in enhanced efficiency allowing you to elevate yourself and get noticed by your boss for all the right reasons. To me it says “look at me; I know what I’m doing”.  There is no doubt that taking care of your professional image can open doors.  If you care about the way you look, the perception is that you also care about your work.

At the same time, you should not feel the onset of a second mortgage in order to create a professional and authentic impression.  For those of you who know me, it is more about knowing how to wear what you already have and how to maximise this using the combination of colour and accessories appropriately.

Get Fit and Lose Weight

I used to drive past my gym twice each day and never feel guilty about paying the membership fees!  Wow!  What could I have done with that extra few pounds each month!  Now however as nature takes its course and gravity plays unpleasant tricks on us, I find it easier to exercise and fit it into my daily routine.  I find that a great motivator for the day ahead is a quick speed walk around the block – you never know who you might bump into!

However, if you are averse to any kind of exercise, there some very clever dressing techniques that can help elongate or shorten a body to enhance or disguise any number of body attributes.

This leads nicely into my next goal……

Love, Love, Love

Don’t you think that like charity, love begins at home and how you feel about yourself?  Learn to love yourself and to feel comfortable with the body that you have.

I am well aware that when we look for love, it rarely comes knocking but it is true to say that we often meet someone when we least expect it.  With that in mind, make your personal presentation a priority and it should help you attract the attention you deserve.

You may have fallen out of love and care for your wardrobe (look out for my forthcoming blog on Wardrobe Editing) so you can help by removing all items that do not give you joy ensuring your wardrobe largely contains items in which you look good!  Take some time to identify items of clothing that you love which may give you the confidence to shine!

Let’s all save some Money

I know!  We’d all like to do a little more of this but how?

At this time of year I like to take a peek through my wardrobe and in the same way we detox our bodies, I apply the same logic to my wardrobe and edit it.

Some of my favourite pieces are those that I have ‘rescued’ from the back of my wardrobe by updating them using for example, an inexpensive piece of costume jewellery to make it ‘current’ or pairing it with a blouse, cardigan or jacket in a contrasting colour I’ve never tried before or even simply with a scarf to create a totally different look.  Get creative!

You may not wish to dash to the shops after the Christmas onslaught to replace some of your clothing however even though we are waaaaaaay past the January sales (historically the best time to ‘bag a bargain’) you may still find some shops selling sale items before the new season’s stock arrives.

Although not just for the rich and famous, you may consider hiring the services of an Image Consultant who is able to advise you on colour and garment selection that perfectly suits your individual colouring, personality and clothing preferences!  Believe it or not, it can avoid all the unsuccessful purchases hanging unworn at the back of your wardrobe.

I do hope that some of this has provided some food for thought and spurs you on to achieve your own goals for 2017 be it a new job, new partner or a renewed interest in purging your wardrobe.

If you would like to chat with me about any aspect of your image and personal style, please feel free to call me on 07494 644788.