Hands up who feels out of step with your style?  If you answered yes, be assured you are not alone.

There is no doubt that after the many recent months, our dressing approach has fundamentally changed.  A new outlook on fashion and style has inevitably emerged and we are dressing differently.

Looking at the new collections for A/W 2021, it seems that our love for comfort and simplicity of loungewear and looser silhouettes are the order of the day.  I wonder if this represents a permanent shift from formal wear?

But what if this continuing trend does not work for you?  What if you really want to push your styling boundaries and break the mould of dressing monotony.

I consider myself incredibly privileged as I get to work with many amazing women who put their trust in me.  They trust me to direct them towards a dressing style that feels comfortable, that feels perfectly ‘at home’ for them and totally authentic.

It’s a job that I genuinely love!  I love coaching my clients to dress with confidence.  I love to help women feel good about themselves…..every.single.day.

What works for one, does not for another.  With a different set of values and characteristics, we are each unique.  Being able to express ourselves through our clothing is incredibly empowering.

Is this shift to a more casual vibe affecting how we show up and how we dress?  Maybe it is affecting how YOU prefer to dress and like many you have opted for the casual alternatives?  Following trends above clothing that fits and flatters us can lead us to feeling out of step with our style.

The good news?  The way we dress is something we can control.

Out of touch with your style?

Ask yourself how you wish to feel in your clothes

Triggers for image transformation

Whilst dressing to our own beat is very liberating, it can also be a difficult journey.  There is often a trigger.  Something that stops you dead in your tracks.

A worldwide pandemic is the first that springs to mind but perhaps also weight gain, a new job, a new partner, illness or how about a family Wedding where your ex-husband will also be attending with his younger wife!

The incentive to look and feel amazing is heightened.  We all want to look and feel good, to feel relevant and visible.

I’ve worked with many clients facing these knock-backs and poor self-image.  Understanding our style and how our clothes make us feel has never been more important to increasing both self-esteem and mental well-being.

Ask yourself how you wish to feel

Out of step with your style?

One of the areas I cover during my sessions is how you wish to feel in your clothes.  This will differ for each of us but does begin to shine a light upon clothes that help us feel good.

In order to find clothing that is in tune with you, I recommend you create a style mantra – just a simple three word statement that expresses how you wish to feel.  For example, a recent client chose to feel ‘Professional’, ‘Edgy’ and ‘Stylish’.  These positive affirmations will help you to visualise a style.

For some it could femininity, for some it’s an easy going relaxed style or for others, we wish our clothes to intrigue and excite.

This process is enlightening and acts as the catalyst to make other positive changes in your life.

Identify clothes that resonate with you

Out of step with your style?

Identify clothes that resonate with you

Many of us will have taken the time to review our wardrobes over the past months realising that there are items lurking at the back, unworn.  Take some time and sort your clothing into clothes that make you smile and those that don’t.  You will find this alone, cathartic.

Through this process you will see a pattern emerging.  Are you facing a colourful wardrobe, clothing with stripes or other patterns, lace or fabric with feel appeal or the sleek lines of structured clothing.  Make a note of what feels good for you as will be drawn to those garments time and again.


As an advocate that our clothes have the power to transform, the way we dress and how we feel are inextricably linked.

After months of comfortable leisurewear you may feel you are out of step with your style.  I can if you wish, lead you through an empowering process of transformation which may help you reconnect with a way of dressing that resonates with you.

If you feel out of step with your style and would like to work with me and explore how you can regain confidence in your clothes, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

  • Main image credit Pexels