If you are packing for a holiday the two words that fill us with apprehension are ‘baggage allowance’!  We can begin with good intentions of packing only what we are likely to need but end up packing more ‘just in case’.

I’ve prepared some top tips here to make packing for your holiday decisions a breeze.

Firstly you will need to consider the type of holiday

The items you choose to take with you does of course depend upon the type of holiday, is it a romantic get-away, an activity or beach holiday or are the kids coming with you?

Assuming it is not an activity or beach holiday you will spend your days drinking in the culture of your chosen destination, go for simple and stylish and remember some comfortable flatties to wander the streets in.  Leave your heels behind unless you are headed somewhere very glamorous and have specific plans with formal dining arrangements with dress codes.

Lay out your clothes before you pack

Sticking to a similar colour palette helps your outfits to mix and match

This will help you to see what goes with what and can help you make a list of outfits.  You can save valuable packing space if you choose versatile clothing to mix and match allowing you to wear items that transition throughout the day into evening.  Sticking to a similar colour palette helps here too.  I am a great fan of a cool linen top with a pair of wide leg palazzo trousers – very cool for both day and night.

You may leave the UK in rain or cold conditions so consider what you will travel in and perhaps wear your heaviest items to save unnecessary baggage weight such as your trainers.  However, these fabulously flattering and comfy dresses will serve you well for travel and all sorts of activities home and away.  They don’t crease and are very lightweight.

Why not view my pinterest board here for some more travel outfit inspiration.

The Packing itself…

Be ruthless and ensure you try everything on before you pack it, does it fit and does it make you happy.  Rolling your clothes saves valuable space and also prevents creasing.  Don’t forget the valuable space inside a pair of shoes and use this space for socks, bikinis, underwear or suncream.  If you can go hand-baggage only.


Accessories tie an outfit together very well – a statement belt, jewellery or indeed a hat.  Consider the colour and if it will combine well with other outfits.  I slip additional jewellery into a jewellery roll within an ‘evening’ bag.  Unless you know your accommodation has a safe, leave your finer jewellery at home.

Travel Essentials

How often do you catch cold as you head on holiday?  Our bodies can sometimes let down our defences when we relax so don’t forget some simple medication that saves you finding a pharmacy.

Wherever you go you will need to protect yourself from the sun and so a high factor suncream is a must.  Better still invest in the amazing Tancream which combines self-tan AND sun protection of SPF50.

Photo Credit: Julia Kuzenkov Pexels

Sunglasses are not only a fashionably cool accessory but a necessary aid to protect our eyes from the glare of sunlight and harmful UV rays.

You may want to pack a cover-up to hot-foot it from swimming pool or beach to the bar.   A wrap is also a great idea if temperatures are likely to fall in the evening.

Travel only with toiletry essentials decanted into 100ml plastic containers – shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturiser and aftersun.

Finally, when you do return home, make a note of all the items you actually wore on holiday!  Chances are that you took too much!  Note to self for next year.


Packing for Business

Remember if you are travelling away on business, it is easy forget that (hopefully) you will get some ‘down time’.  Remember to pack some clothes to relax in after a long day.  You may even be lucky enough to stay in a hotel with leisure facilities, so don’t forget your gym gear and swimming costume if space and weight will allow.

I could write an individual blog on this subject (and probably will do) as there are many elements.  A key consideration here is your comfort.  Perhaps consider a trolley for your laptop, comfortable block heels rather than stilettos and a packable coat or cashmere cover-up in case it becomes colder as you travel.

So there you have it, I hope you have learnt something from this Packing for a Holiday article but if you need any help in putting together a selection of flexible holiday garments or are ready for some positive change to your image please do call me on 07494 644788 or visit my website here.

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