Do you want to look fantastic in your clothes and emphasise what they say about you?

In the same way that wearing the colours that flatter your individual colouring make you feel and look your best, so too does dressing in shapes and styles that complement your individual body characteristics.

Fashion trends change so quickly and can be overwhelming, but developing a style that is personal to you both defines your image and reinforces your own confidence. 

You have the power to do this and create a lasting impression in the way you dress by experiencing the benefits of a Personal Style Analysis.

In a Style Analysis session, we work together to understand your style preferences, assessing your body shape and proportions (clothes on ladies!). We also discuss trends, suitable accessories which then determine the clothing style that best reflects your body shape, lifestyle and personality. You will learn how to create a look that maximises the positive aspects of your body, presenting you at your most authentic.

We capture the results in your own ‘Total Image Profile’ pack providing you with future guidance on both clothing and accessories  – all designed to help you create your very own unique style when buying the clothes that are just right for you.

You are also able to enjoy this service from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the World.  Contact me for more information about my Virtual Personal Styling Service.

It is recommended that your ‘Style Analysis’ follows your ‘Colour Analysis’ session.

PRICE: £195
(allow a minimum of 3 hours for the session)

Refreshments are included in my York studio. Please advise on any food intolerances or allergies prior to the session.