No-one needs a reminder that 2020 has been a challenging year on so many fronts.  I predict positive clothes for 2021!

I believe we began to really appreciate the value of the outdoors to our mental well-being and the importance of our planet.  Let us hope that we all continue to place this as a priority over the coming years.

For so many, casualwear became the clothing of choice.  It offered comfort whilst staying and working from home.

Bear in mind that how we dress, what we choose to wear has a significant impact upon the way we feel.  Perhaps our loungewear does not adequately project a working image especially when our calls are visual.  Whilst not dressing formally, a smarter casual on-screen personal creates a positive working attitude.

However, the very act of getting dressed as if we are leaving the house to work or meet up with friends, offers us a structure and a routine that sets the tone for the day ahead.  Positive!

So, what does this mean for the face of fashion for 2021?  A desire to ‘dress up’ and step up our dressing routine again I wonder?  I hope!

Based on the pared down versions of the key fashion shows earlier this year, there will surely be some style winners for 2021 and for what it’s worth, I make my predictions here:

Image Credit Pantone

Vibrant Colour

With rainbow stripes appearing in windows, on T-shirts and other garments, the emblem we adopted for 2020 became a symbol of hope and optimism.  Colour is a wonderful phenomenon that creates a whole host of emotional responses.

Each year the Pantone Institute (the worldwide authority on colour) selects a ‘colour of the year’.  It’s a snapshot of what they see taking place in our global culture.

Unusually, rather than a single colour, a colour-pairing has been announced for 2021.  What do you think to Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray?  Pantone describes their choice as “a marriage of colours conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”.  What a great positive message.

I really love this fresh combination and shall look forward to seeing these shades brightening us all up on our high streets in Spring.  Watch out for future guidance on my other social pages on how to successfully inject these colours into your wardrobe.

Also watch out for Pink!  I saw this featured in many collections.

Don’t underestimate the power of colour and the joy it can bring to you and your wardrobe.  You may wish to learn more about my Colour Analysis service that identifies the most flattering colours for you.

Good Wardrobe Staples

Good wardrobe staples

Good wardrobe staples

Creating a more sustainable capsule wardrobe focusing on quality essentials for longevity is going to be key for our pockets and the future of our planet.  I’m thinking more classic and versatile pieces that stand the test of time.  In fact, pieces you may already own.

These are the pieces that we tend to spend a little more on – good shirts and blouses, outerwear, footwear and investment handbags.

We can’t all stretch to the designer price tag but we can shop second hand via our charity shops, vintage markets or dress agencies.  There are some great finds to be had.

If a label is important to you, Vestiaire Collective is another great option – a global fashion community selling pre-owned designer items.

Should you wish to buy new, choose to invest in brands whose sustainable and ethical credentials are visible – Baukjen is one of my favourites offering a wonderful clothing range.  Look also for the smaller independent brands that display a responsible fashion ethos such as Livelagom.

Feel-Good Prints

We tend to see more prints appearing on our clothing during the Summer months – perhaps it heralds a more carefree way of dressing?  Given that holidays to sunnier climes eluded most of us during 2020, I predict that we will see some holiday inspired prints this year.  Think palms, Hawaiian style patterns and even a nod to marine life may emblazon the clothing choices for Summer this year.  All great paired with beach bags and wedge style espadrilles.


With an altogether more relaxed style emerging, denim continues to reign supreme.  The slimmer silhouette of the skinny jeans however will be replaced by a more relaxed or slouchy style.  This is music to my ears.  A boot cut or wide-leg jean are universally more flattering on all body shapes.  Great wardrobe pieces that can be dressed up or down.   They offer a really flexible wardrobe addition that also serves to elevate the ‘yoga-pant’ look.

We have missed dressing up Model: Anna Middleton Hat: Rose and Flo Millinery

Bring back Dresses

With so many social and special gatherings put on hold, I envisage that we may wish to go a little bolder when events return to our calendars.  We have missed dressing up and wearing heels.  A special occasion is a great opportunity to combine the two.

I’ve noticed that more flamboyant styles with fuller skirts and embellishments have featured on the virtual catwalks so can’t wait to see how our high street brands interpret these statement looks.



It will be fascinating to see exactly what appears in our clothing stores over the coming seasons.  I hope that above all, fashion makes us feel good and that we choose more more mindfully to protect our planet and those working Internationally in the fashion industry.  Choose positive clothes for 2021!  

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Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year.