There are few things in our shopping calendar quite so rewarding as snapping a bargain in the sales but there is an art to getting it right!  Get it wrong and the items of clothing will sit at the back of your wardrobe, unworn and unloved.  Consider also the wasted time, effort and money.

Focus!  Now let me write that another way….. before you head out to the sales add up the cost of those unworn clothes.  Yeah! I know, a small fortune.

Before your credit card is even flexed ensure you are shod in a comfortable pair of shoes (because you never know how long you will be!) there are a number of considerations before you hit the shops.

So, try my 10 top tips to successfully shopping in the sales …..

  • It is always a good idea each season to go through your wardrobe and consider what your wardrobe is missing. Write a list and keep it in your purse so when you do have the opportunity of shopping at any time of year, it will save you time.
  • Always set a budget for your day and stick to it! Don’t blow your budget on one item that you may only wear a couple of times if you are lacking some wardrobe basics.
  • If you have a favourite store, keep an eye on any items you have spotted through the season (and not already bought) and re-visit prior to the start of the sale and if you can, try them on. Then on day one of the sale, get there early, find the items and proceed straight to the check-out!  No queuing for the changing rooms.  Bingo!
  • Buy nothing that you wouldn’t pay full price for and beware of the stock brought in for the sales that you have never seen in that store during the season, the chances are it is inferior quality.
  • Don’t buy anything soiled, damaged or badly fitting, it will always feel second-best.
  • Remember to stop for lunch. If you are hungry you are likely to make hurried and sometimes poor purchases.
  • Never buy for the sake of the label! Buy it because you love it and it fits you.
  • Clothing tried on in the confines of a fitting room never feels the same once you have spent some time in it – move around, sit down, cross your legs, walk, touch your toes and reach for the sky! How does it feel now?
  • Do return to the sales on the last day, there may still be some bargains to be had at further reduced prices.
  • If you are on a budget, accessories are your friend. You can pick up scarves, jewellery, shoes, handbags and sunglasses in the sales which can all change the look of your existing outfits.

By the way, never tell your partner how long you are planning to be.  Shopping always takes longer than you ever imagine!  As I’ve learnt the hard way, remember the time your car parking ticket expires!  Set an alarm on your phone 30 minutes prior which allows you a little time contingency.

So there you have it, some good advice on making a success of your shopping trip.  Of course you are one step ahead if you know the rules – which colours suit you and how to dress for your lifestyle, your body shape and personality.  If you are unsure and need my professional help, then please do call me on 07494 644788 or visit my website here

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

Colours . Clothes . Confidence