Remember when we were able to safely move around a clothing store, pick the garment up, feel it and try it on?  A new norm is emerging as Shopping for Clothes – 2020 style is re-invented!

With our clothing stores now open for business with social-distancing and other restrictions in place to guarantee our safety post Covid-19; it is going to be some time before we recognise the shopping experience we previously enjoyed.  So what can we expect?

We will likely meet a socially distanced queue before we are able to shop in our favourite stores and with fitting rooms closed, will be unable to try our clothes on before we buy.

Clothes and shoes that are returned will need to be quarantined for 24 hours before they appear on the shop floor once again, so there may not be the choice.

Many stores have extended their returns policy to 90 days but rather than have to return back and forth to the store isn’t it a better strategy to understand first what fits and flatters us before taking a punt?

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew first up what we needed and what suited us?  Let me guide you.

There’s no better time to plan for what our wardrobe actually needs, so that our future shopping trips are more successful.

Shopping for clothes - 2020 Style

Really consider what your wardrobe needs

Check your wardrobe for any gaps

Really consider what you do need.  Do you have Summer trousers but no tops to go with them?  Think about the colours that would pair more easily with several trousers or your skirts perhaps.

If you already own a pair of pink trousers or a green skirt, add a patterned top to your shopping list that combines both colours.  That way you build a ‘capsule’ selection of clothes that mix and match together.

If it’s shoes you need, think about the style – trainers, flats or wedges.  Again, consider what you already have without duplicating.

Making a list helps you to focus

Make a list and do some homework

I’ve spoken before about making a note of what your wardrobe needs and keeping that list handy so when you do manage to get through the store doors, you are prepared.  I recommend keeping a note on your phone then you always have it with you.

If you already have some stores in mind – finding their ranges on-line before you visit will give you a head start and will reduce your browsing time.  Take a picture of the garment that interests you so it is easier to find in-store.

This tactic also prevents you buying randomly.  We’ve all done it, come home with a fabulous item that goes with nothing in your wardrobe!  It either sits at the back of your wardrobe with the tags still intact or it needs returning to store.  Let’s try to avoid both scenarios!

There will be plenty of ‘sale’ items on offer and it’s an opportunity to buy a key piece that you could not previously justify but remember it’s only a bargain if you wear it!

Sales offer a great opportunity to find a key piece

Set a budget

Setting a budget is a good thing!  When we do, we make better and more considered economical clothing decisions.  We become more mindful of what we need, of the sustainable fashion culture and so we contribute to helping the planet and our pockets.  It’s easier to assign a limit when we know what we need.  A Summer Trench Coat may be more pressing than a pair of boots for Autumn.

Understand your body shape

We all have a different body shape, it’s what makes us unique.  Understanding what works for us and what shapes flatter us best is the key to making successful choices.  Knowing what we love about our bodies also allows us to enhance the best bits.

Following our bodies contours usually works best – generally closer fitting clothes suit a slimmer frame whereas a curvier shape looks fantastic when clothes drape over our curves.

You may be interested in my Personal Style service which I am now successfully offering virtually.

Colour makes an impact

Wearing colour can play an important part in the way we feel about ourselves.  Choose colours that flatter your skin tone and that pair easily with clothes already in your wardrobe.  A colour that is right for you will always create a harmonious look and make your skin glow.

If you would like to learn more about the best colours for you, take a peek at my Colour Analysis service.  When it is safe to do so I am looking forward to re-opening my studio for face to face consultations.

Before you shop

Remember you may need to queue on arrival and at the tills so wearing something comfortable is key.  You may also wish to wear a face-mask for some added protection.  Take some water with you and don’t forget to monitor the time your car parking ticket expires!  Set an alarm on your phone 30 minutes prior which allows a little more time contingency.

Wishing all of our clothes-stores a safe transition and particularly those stores local to me in #York. We’ve missed you!

Please do stay safe and remember that if you feel uncomfortable shopping for clothes – 2020 style or are not quite ready to return, many retailers will continue to offer their garments via mail order.

Do please get in touch, if you would like to arrange a transformational virtual personal styling session.

Stay safe and stylish