Have you ever thought that when you want to create a great and lasting impression, the small touches will set you apart?

Making some small changes to your wardrobe can play an important part in your success.  Wearing clothes that boost your confidence is a good place to begin.  Remember also that our clothes should enhance our reputation and credibility and as such, are an investment in our future success.

I’ve met many women who have felt stuck and find it difficult to navigate their way through a change in their dressing style.

However it needn’t be a daunting task if you tweak just ONE thing.  A different trouser style, a fitted top rather than the baggy one you reach for each day or trying an alternative to black.

How about introducing a flattering colour, changing up your jewellery or adding a scarf.  It need not cost the earth to get you started.

The key is to understand what makes you feel comfortable and developing your Signature Style may provide something that people will remember about you.

Changing up your jewellery or adding a scarf will add impact

Take a peek in your wardrobe…

And identify those items that you love to wear and feel great in.  Can you pair them differently and inject some colour using a scarf or jewellery?

Now that technology has made us more visible, colour will add impact to our appearance so don’t be afraid to experiment and add personality to your working outfits.

A stylish twist using your accessories will certainly give you the edge.  A striking necklace or bolder lip colour is a good start.

The small touches will set you apart

Develop some key staples that mix and match together


The key to making some small changes to your appearance is to plan.  Developing some key staples that mix and match together will provide you with a polished and comfortable look.

Gradually building a wardrobe of flexible pieces allows us to maximise what we already have and ultimately saves money.

Laying your clothes out the evening before…

The small touches will set you apart

Laying out your clothes the evening before saves you valuable time in the morning

Saves valuable time on a busy morning when your dressing routine is shared with husbands, partners, children or animals who may all take priority.  Preparing for the next day allows you time to be a little more creative with you choices.  Try it and let me know.




When did you last change your hairstyle?

We can get comfortable with our appearance and become afraid to change in-case we stand out, draw attention to ourselves or in the event we don’t like it.

Long hair at any age can look great but clinging to a style from long ago can make anyone look and feel stuck in the past.  If you are in any doubt, take a look at this amazing transformation.


Never underestimate the impact of any small change you make to your appearance.   For example, a simple swipe of lipstick or as we have seen above, a change of hairstyle could be the catalyst to really positive and fundamental change.

So if you want to be remembered for the new job, the promotion, the new addition to the Board, the new partner, the small touches will set you apart.

If you would like to open some new doors and take some small steps to creating a lasting impression toward new opportunities, then do get in touch anytime for a  courtesy consultation, I would love to help you.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant