There is not a more appropriate colour on which to ‘pen’ my very first blog of 2017.

Red – the colour of passion, energy and action.   It is energizing, it excites our emotions and motivates us to take action.  Did you know that wearing red can be a ‘head turner’ and apparently men find it irresistible?

The colour Red is also known to stimulate our appetite and often used for this very purpose in Hotels and Restaurants.  Oooh sneaky!

I digress but I have to say at this point that I recently redecorated my dining room from Red to a calming Neutral but have noticed no difference in my appetite at all!

Anyway back to the purpose of my note….

Colour Psychologists suggest that Red can also engender a pioneering spirit and possesses an air of leadership promoting ambition and determination.  A bold colour, I grant you but if by adding a red accent to your outfit makes you appear more confident and sure of yourself, then surely it can change people’s perception of you and how you are likely to perform at work!  Bring it on, I say!

As I share with all my clients, red is a colour that can be worn by everyone and depending upon the hue it will flatter a variety of personal colourings creating great impact!  Go on I dare you to try it if this colour does not already feature in your wardrobe.

If you are not quite ready for the attention it will bring you, get used to it by introducing a little vibrancy in an accessory such as a statement necklace, bracelet, shoes or handbag to create interest.  I should also mention that a kick-ass red lipstick will do the job!   A small red splash can make all the difference and lift your outfit and the choice on the high street is great.

There are many variations of red to choose from and if you love to embrace pattern, don’t forget the trend for florals and stripes this Season.

You will find a selection of the current styles available in Red this Season on my Pinterest Board entitled ‘The Colour Red’.  If you are very lucky you may still catch some of them in the Sale!

Perhaps you are at a point where you need to inject some energy and colour into your life, a new partner, a job promotion or you simply wish to discover which colours can help you look amazing and boost your confidence.

Anyone who knows me, knows that colour plays an important part in my life – life changing when we wear colours that harmonise with our individual characteristics.

You may wish to take some action and understand how colour can help to develop your personal appearance, I can help you perfect an authentic look that is just right for you.  Do please get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions about how best to use colour in your wardrobe please explore my website further or better still call me on 07494 644788 to book an appointment in my comfortable home-studio in York.