It can be tricky dressing for the change of season so let me share some guidance on how to transition your Summer Wardrobe into Autumn, without spending a fortune.

Dressing successfully for this time of year is all about the layering.  We can also maximise our existing wardrobe by getting creative and cooking up some new ways to style our clothes.  So if you are not ready to pack away your Summer wardrobe, have a read of my 10 Top Tips.

Throw a nice tee under a Summer dress

Throw a nice tee-shirt under a Summer dress

or alternatively a lightweight polo neck jumper and enjoy wearing your dresses for longer.

Style a jumper over your Summer dress

in a complementary colour.  It will help you to know exactly the colours that work for you.  I can help you with that during one of my pampering 1:1 sessions here in my York Studio.

Add a blazer over your Summer dresses

for a smarter look.  Worth noting that a single-breasted blazer works best on larger frames.  A double-breasted style works best on petite or slimmer frames.

Pair your white or paler jeans

with a chunkier knit and change up your Summer Sandals for some ankle boots.

Add a Scarf

Add a scarf in a flattering colour

in a flattering colour.  A scarf is a great way to add some interest to your Autumn wardrobe and a colourful option helps to tie the colours of your outfit together

How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to AutumnAdding pieces with a chunkier texture

works really well, see here a Summer style Kimono over a cashmere jumper.   Great when the colours complement each other perfectly.

An elegant knitted vest

looks fabulous paired over a Summer Tee-shirt or blouse and for extra styling points, don’t tuck it in…..the longer layers can make us look taller.  (yes, really).

Still loving your maxi-dress?

Add a shirt over and knot it at your waist.  This really adds a lovely shapely detail to your body shape.

Photo credit Lindsley Weddings

Add a Trench!

Add a Trench!

So many colour options and styles to choose from but whatever the occasion, a Trench has you covered.

How about adding some tights?

Opt for colourful opaques such as these from sustainable and ethical retailer Snagtights or for some extra cosiness, try a textured cable knit.

how to transition your Summer wardrobe into Autumn

Take a peek inside your wardrobe and get creative

Go and take a peek inside your wardrobe and see if you are able to implement any of these suggestions.  Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to smile when you open up your wardrobe and need some guidance to make that happen, do get in touch, it’s what I love to do.

Wishing you a wonderful start to Autumn.

Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

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