Spring is the perfect time of year to give our wardrobes a clothing overhaul so spend a little time updating your look for Spring.

With the impact of the sustainable fashion culture, there is no need to replace our entire selection for the season ahead but instead add a few key pieces that mix and match with your existing items. 

I  share some top tips on updating your look for Spring here – the ideal time to breathe new life and joy into your wardrobe.


How many items are there at the back of your wardrobe, unworn and unloved?  Prune, rescue and re-invent to create new outfits.  Add a colourful scarf or combine a new and unusual pairing.  Create a capsule wardrobe, identify some gaps and replacing wisely allows you to easily and efficiently mix and match your outfits.  Then arrange your clothes accessibly to simplify your morning dressing routine.


Image Credit The Fewston Bag Morgan + Wells

The Fewston from Yorkshire company Morgan + Wells

This is a cost-effective way to update your wardrobe and even a small change can have a significant impact for example with quality shoes or handbag.  My advice here is invest in what you can afford.  Generally speaking, you will find that higher quality footwear is more comfortable and will serve you for longer.  Where you can, opt for buckles or fixings on handbags in gold or brass, it can look a little more classy.  Spend wisely on your outerwear, apart from your smile, they are the first thing people notice.

With highlighter-inspired neons here for Spring, you can always add a pop of colour with a new handbag – great with neutrals and florals alike.  Your biggest decision will be choosing the colour.




With 12 fashion trend colours appearing each season, you can easily elevate your outfit with a splash of colour.  This season, look towards warm reds, hot oranges and vibrant blues. Colour lifts your look and adds a fun and vibrant style.

Select new pieces that you can mix and match with other outfits for maximum flexibility.




Accessorise - Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings

Image Credit: Accessorize Alba Statement Green Resin Earrings


Identify a style that really resonates with you.  Your clothes should allow you to feel both comfortable and confident.  Are you all about classic clean lines – more conservative than fashionista, a little more creative and edgy or is your dressing style more about creating a statement that inspires or intrigues.  Understand what feels right for you.



Image Credit: JD Williams Soft Pink Trench Coat

It’s a flexible piece that works hard for you, a piece that just keeps on giving throughout your wardrobe and in which you simply feel great!  A leather jacket perhaps or a Trench Coat in the new Season pastel shades would make good contenders.  Great to wear to the office or with jeans and trainers for a more relaxed look.  Leave it loose or wear it belted to define your waist.  You choose!


Remember when you do invest, buy the article only if you love it and can be paired with other items you already own.  When you shop more mindfully, you will find your clothing budget goes a whole lot further!

Enjoy updating your look for Spring!