We are all affected by the colours we see around us and of course the colours we wear can influence our moods and the way we feel about ourselves.

There are however some of us who hesitate to wear colour for fear of standing out from the crowd.

For those of you able to relate to the above statement how can I convince you that the colours we wear add to our appearance and help to enhance our personal brand, personality and elevate our confidence?

According to Coco Chanel “the best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you”.  That’s all very well if you know which colours do in fact look good on you!

There are many attributes that help create our overall image but the colours and clothing styles we choose to dress our bodies, make the greatest statement.  It is a fact that people form an impression of us within seconds, positive and negative, so getting our personal presentation right in the first instance is crucial.

We all have very set ideas about colours that can link back to childhood – being told as a child that you shouldn’t wear yellow, for example, to black is slimming whilst historically linked to the very wealthy or Royalty, the wrong coloured purple can communicate ‘cheap and nasty’!  These all form subjective nuggets of information that stay with us throughout our lives leading to confusion and the belief that we should stick to wearing safe colour combinations.

Some of these inherited myths could indeed be true but let’s try to shake off your aversion to wearing colour and lead you to embrace a more vibrant colour palette.

It might surprise you to learn that colour and I have not always been friends.  With many years in a corporate environment, neutrals formed the basis for my wardrobe with black being the ‘go to’ colour.  Many of us feel the need to conform and blend into the corporate background.  Black of course and most neutrals naturally form the backbone of both our working and social wardrobes but work to best effect when worn with colours that complement your own natural hair, eye colour and skin tones.

The great thing about using colour in our wardrobes is that when combined with flattering fabrics and garment style the focus is re-directed drawing the eye to our positive bodily characteristics.   There is little point in hiding a beautiful hour glass figure in a baggy black number when the wearer would in fact look a dress size slimmer in a vibrant coloured and drapey fabric to show off those curves.   In many cases, black does not always provide the slimmer illusion.

So if you are in the mood to rediscover your ‘mojo’ and leap from a neutral palette into an exploration of colour, you may find these tips helpful.


Wardrobe Audit

Firstly you need to look inside your wardrobe and see what you already have taking note of the more colourful garments you gravitate to when out shopping.  Colours have a habit of ‘speaking’ to you – making you smile when you wear them.   I suggest to my clients that to grow and develop the clothing choices we make, we first need to familiarise ourselves with our wardrobe contents which are best grouped together in colours.  Even if all you have is black, white and navy, group them together.  It makes dressing easier.  By reminding yourself what lies inside you may find some colours you had forgotten about.


Begin with Accessories

If you lack the confidence to mix and match your whole outfit, accessories are key to bringing an outfit together and are the perfect way to inject colour using jewellery, belts, handbags, shoes and scarves.  It’s an easy way to introduce colour without it costing the earth.

It’s really ok to begin with one colour if you feel overwhelmed.  If red is a step too far, begin with a more subtle shade on which you can build.


Identify the colours that make you look great

Does colour really make a difference? Yes, Yes, Yes!

When we wear colours that complement our individual characteristics, we appear healthier, more vibrant and younger.  It can be truly transformational.

The trick is to learn which shades and tones work for you.  You can try to figure it out for yourself but to avoid expensive mistakes, my advice would be to seek professional guidance from a FIPI qualified (Federation of Image Professionals International) Image Consultant, of which I am of course one.  Please see my website for further information.   https://www.jackiecrawford.co.uk/a-little-about-me/

I hope that these tips help you feel a little more confident about wearing colour.

Perhaps you are at a point of change where you need to inject some energy and colour into your life, a new partner, a change of circumstances, a job promotion or even a return to the working scene.  You may simply wish to discover which colours can help you look and feel amazing and boost your confidence.

Anyone who knows me knows that colour plays in important part in my life – wearing colours that harmonise with our individual characteristics can be life-changing!

You may wish to take some action and understand how colour can help your personal appearance.  If so, I can help you perfect an authentic look that is just right for you.

If you have any questions about how best to use colour in your wardrobe or seek guidance on any other dressing concerns you may have, please call me on 07494 644788 to book an appointment in my comfortable home-studio in Strensall, York.

Jackie Crawford