Does your wardrobe complement your lifestyle? Wardrobe editing is a practical extension of the lessons learned in both your colour and style sessions.

Your ‘Wardrobe Edit’ session helps create a balanced selection of clothes that match ease of use with your lifestyle. If a piece is not working for you in terms of colour and style and does not actively complement your look, then it’s time to ‘wardrobe weed’, resulting in a ‘capsule wardrobe’ of harmonious pieces.

Imagine opening your wardrobe each morning and it’s full of clothes arranged in capsule format that you love; they all tone with one another and work together. You simply cannot wait to look like a million dollars.

We build a capsule wardrobe around your favourite and investment pieces, your essentials and your ‘mix and match’ items. Items that no longer suit your colour palette or body shape are pruned or ‘rescued’ with the object of leaving you with an organised range of beautiful clothes that create a wide variety of exciting, stylish and useable outfits.

And if there are some gaps then these can be filled, when you choose, using your new found skills.

We capture the results in your own ‘Total Image Profile’ pack providing you with future guidance on both clothing and accessories – all designed to help you create your very own unique style when buying the clothes that are just right for you.

You are also able to enjoy this service from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the World.  Contact me for more information about my Virtual Wardrobe Editing Service.

Together we can create a wardrobe to get excited about – not only making you look great but saving time and helping your clothing budget work harder for you.

PRICE: £50 per hour
(minimum 2 hours for the session). For this session, I travel to you *
£40 per hour
for additional hours

* Includes travel up to a 15 mile radius of Strensall, York.