If it were anytime prior to Christmas 2020 we would be fast approaching the busiest time of year in our social calendars.  The task of choosing our party outfit would have been high on our agenda!  What to wear  for Christmas - 2020 style may look a little different.

With a global pandemic to contend with, partying may not be top priority.   However it is still an opportunity to wriggle out of our leisurewear in favour of something  a little more special.  We still want to feel good, right?

You may not be heading far and the party atmosphere may be more subdued this year so selecting something that lifts our mood is a good start.  How about opting for something a little more glitzy and glamorous?  Remember the power our clothes have to make us feel good?

Ready to Party at Home?

So what to wear for Christmas - 2020 style when we may not even be heading out of the door?

I am an advocate of choosing outfits that offer real flexibility so opting for pieces that can mix and match with others is a good strategy.  Despite the year we have all experienced, it is still essential to incorporate some sparkle this season.  So don’t forget the opulent velvet and standout sequins.  Here are some of my favourites this season:

Dark Green Sparkle Top by Whistles

The Sparkly Top that you can wear at home with jeans or easily paired for an evening out with smart trousers or a skirt.  Although this year, a sparkle in the trouser department is bang on trend.

TOP TIP: If you are the Christmas Chef, only dress your bottom half whilst you are doing the ‘messy’ bits, then all you have to do is change your top.  Don't be tempted to cook the Christmas lunch in any new item of clothing.  You don't want to risk any spillage on its first outing!


Amy Embellished Flats by Boden

Don’t forget the embellished shoes that add some daytime glamour.  If you are heading out, remember of course that they will not withstand much wet weather nor snow, if we are dreaming of a white Christmas!

Nothing says Christmas quite like sequins and can be found on dresses and tops alike and will become wardrobe staples for year after year!



Nancy Velvet Top by Boden

I love the 'feel appeal' of velvet which looks great on for a luxurious festive look – I particularly like the wide leg trousers with a floaty feminine top taking you effortlessly from Christmas drinks to Christmas Day.

A Jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress or separates – one piece and you’re done!   They tend to be very flattering for most body shapes.  Depending upon the occasion, they are an easy item to dress up or down – flat pumps for a party at home and heels for a ‘bubble party’ elsewhere.

What if I am heading out!

So (if like a friend of mine) you are planning a special celebration that includes a country walk to a cosy pub, I recommend a toasty knee length skirt or trousers and jumper combo with a fab pair of opaque tights.  Your outdoor boots can then be switched to a smarter pair when you arrive.  Equally a jumpsuit tucked into wellies is another option with a change of footwear at the end.

Don’t forget to wrap up this season so look out for the variety of faux fur hats, scarves and wraps.

Any when you are ready to cosy up?

At the end of the day, returning to the cosy and comfortable in a favourite pair of PJ’s and slippers Hygge style, is a choice you can easily make.

Hopefully you are more clued up about what to wear for Christmas - 2020 style but for some further inspiration, take a peek at my Christmas Sparkle Pinterest Board here.  Do hurry if you wish catch some price reductions in the pre-Christmas sales.  It's also worth remembering the smaller boutiques and independents will really appreciate our support this year.

If you’ve been following my ‘live’ #SustainableStrides series over on Facebook, you will remember me speaking of the feel good factor associated with choosing clothes more sustainably.  This could be wearing and re-purposing the clothes we already have in our wardrobe or selecting new pieces from manufacturers and brands - transparent with their sustainable credentials.   If we choose our clothing carefully for Christmas, these special items will come out year after year.  Read more here.

Do get in touch if you'd like to learn more about the colours that best suit you or the styles that suit your body shape, lifestyle and personality.  I would love to hear from you.  Did you know that I also offer GIFT VOUCHERS for my services?  You might wish to pop one on your list for Santa.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you a very Jolly Careful Christmas and wish you all that sparkles.

Stylishly Yours

Jackie Crawford

07494 644788